10 Tips & Tricks To Increase Website Conversions

Undoubtedly, a website is essential to your business. If used strategically and wisely, it can surely turn leads into actual sales. But usually, with the hundreds or thousands of users who visited your website,  on average, only one or two would convert. And it’s not bad at all.

As business owners, we don’t want to settle for the average conversion rate, right? Great news! There are factors that you can control to improve your website conversions. It means once you apply these to your website, there’s a higher chance that you can encourage a larger audience to be your potential customers.

But how? Here, we’ll share 10 conversion optimization hacks to help you leverage your business.

Easy to navigate

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, would you want to check out a cluttered and confusing website? Of course not. Your initial reaction would be to click the “X” icon of the tab or hit the back button to leave the page.

Always keep your website organized and accessible. Make it user-friendly that even a first-time visitor can navigate effortlessly. Create a menu so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Use CTA buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) is one of the essential segments to have an increase in conversions. It indirectly drives your potential customers to your desired action/s once they are on your site. It can be to download a chat software, buy your actual product, fill up a contact form, avail credit card offers, etc.

With definite objectives, the right keywords, and a compelling style, you can make the conversion process simpler and faster. CTA has this amazing power wherein it’s like hypnotizing qualified customers to follow what you want them to do. It would surely improve both the click-through rates and conversion rates.

Appealing and responsive design

A poorly designed website would definitely not attract ideal clients. Deny it or not, we all know that looks matter.  A website with a professional and pleasing motif normally converts. Why? Because it makes a good first impression.

Also, nowadays, mobile users are everywhere. Research shows that approximately 56.75% of the global web traffic comes from mobile devices.  It means that your site’s design should be adaptive to all devices that your target audience uses. So, you need to consider using a responsive or mobile-friendly design to make every customer journey awesome.

I believe no one would like to visit or stay on a page that offers irrelevant and unhelpful content. It is always important to share related and insightful website content to develop customer loyalty. Conversion increase would soon follow.

Adding interesting, entertaining, high-quality images and videos makes your site interactive. It enables you to have a personal approach and better engagement with your prospects. It would surely create a huge impact on conversions.

Add reviews and testimonials

Social proof is one of the conversion elements you need to boost customers’ confidence. Most people look at product reviews, customer reviews, or clients’ testimonials to assess your credibility before taking any action. These certainly develop trust with your ideal customers and build up the reputation of your brand. 

FAQs and Customer service

Guaranteed customer satisfaction should be your primary business goal. Giving your ideal client the option to contact you for support such as an email address and chatbox, or having an FAQ page to provide an immediate answer to user intent is a must to provide excellent customer service. Addressing their concerns and questions will surely give you an improved conversion.

SEO optimized

Being on top of the search engine results page is every digital marketer’s dream. Why? Because it can drive qualified customers and can positively increase your conversion rate. That’s why search engine optimization is important.

You need to make sure that search engine robots can crawl and index your site so it can show up on search results. Do keyword research and apply relevant keywords on your all pages so Google can improve your quality score and rankings. There are many SEO techniques to mention but implementing them will make your website income-generating. 

Integrating your social media profiles and website can double or triple your conversion rate. We all know how wide the range of social channels is. It can surely build your online presence. It means it can drive more leads into your website and you will have a higher chance to get more than your usual conversion goals.

Enhance page speed

I don’t like to wait for a site or a page that takes too long to load. How about you? Slow loading time is indeed a website killer. It destroys the interest and excitement that the qualified visitors have and pushes them away instead.

It also affects your search engine visibility. So, to keep away from slow loading time, you should look for a content management system or a website builder that can build a high-performing website. Avoid heavy coding, many plug-ins, huge files, and remove unnecessary form fields so that your pages can load fast.

Persuading offers

What you offer and how you offer matters. Always provide various options to valuable users to get them hooked to your brand. Having special promotions or discounts is also beneficial for conversion optimization. Testing them before making them live will help to make them effective in the market.


It takes perseverance and a lot of marketing efforts to increase your website conversion. But remember, it is attainable. The goal of this guide is to give you an idea of what to consider if you want to do conversion rate optimization.

But if all of these are new and mind-boggling to you, allow us to step in. Conceptual Creative is a digital agency that loves business and marketing. Our in-house team of SEO and Content Marketing experts and Web Designers and Developers will be glad to accommodate you.

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