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10 Website Types You Can Build With WordPress

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10 Website Types You Can Build With WordPress

When it comes to building websites one of the most flexible website platforms is WordPress. In this post, I am going to run you through 10 different website types you can build based on the WordPress CMS platform. Obviously to get started with any of these types of websites you’re going to need a few things including a domain name, website hosting, and of course WordPress. Once you have those items in place the sky is the limit with the WordPress platform.

1. Blog Website.

The most powerful blogging system on the planet in my opinion. WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and has grown into a powerful CMS system. With the ongoing development and growth of the platform over the years, the blogging section of WordPress has continued to be a powerful way to get your message out there.

2. Business Website.

The development of WordPress over the years has meant that more features have been added over time making WordPress a powerful all-round business platform. Many big-name brands and even government organisations utilise WordPress for its business website capabilities.

3. Online Shopping / eCommerce.

WordPress makes a powerful basis for building online shopping cart systems. All you need to do is install a leading eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce and you’re in business. Imagine if your business through its website could make you money while you sleep.

4. Business Directory.

Business directory websites are a great way to increase awareness for business owners all over the world. With the increased demand for Niche directories showcasing business specialties, building a WordPress powered directory has never been easier. With WordPress, you can build directories for just about anything.

5. Not For Profit Websites.

With some of the lowest costs to implement in the world, WordPress makes sense when it comes to building websites for not for profit organisations. You can easily create a website utilising WordPress at the core and further extend the platform to take donations to sell goodwill items and grow a community.

6. Online Communities 

WordPress combined with powerful community-based plugins can allow you to build a niche social community to rival even the biggest online communities. WordPress online communities can have practically all of the functionality your users are used to getting from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

7. Auction Websites

Do you want to be the next eBay? Perhaps you’re looking to help raise funds for a charity? By utilising WordPress as a platform combined with 3rd party plugins you can easily build an online auction website that is both secure and effective.

8. Knowledgebase / Support Websites.

The powerful post capabilities of WordPress allow business owners the world over to build high-quality knowledgebase websites. Combined with 3rd party plugins your WordPress website can become an online support portal for your business.

9. Podcasting Website.

WordPress can be utilised to operate a great podcast on your Niche topic and help you get your message out to the world. Whether your podcast is Audio only or includes VLOG entries WordPress has the power and capabilities to broadcast you to the world.

10. Education Website.

WordPress lends itself too many applications but one of the most popular growth markets at the moment is online education. You have spent many years learning your skillset and with WordPress, you can turn that knowledge into an online school or college effectively monetising your skills.


WordPress is an extremely powerful website base for building an array of different website types. Whilst this article isn’t comprehensive you can easily see the flexibility of the platform and a quick search online will yield many more website types that you can build with WordPress.Do you have an idea for a niche website but not sure how to implement that website using WordPress? Why not contact a member of our team and get some great complimentary advice.


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