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3 Tips About WordPress Maintenance You Can’t Afford To Miss

It might seem like something every WordPress website owner knows but many don’t. WordPress is a digital machine made up of many moving parts that need to be maintained perfectly to function. I have seen websites that were built 4 or 5 years ago break because the owner has never done maintenance on them.In this article the 3 best tips about WordPress maintenance and why you can’t afford to miss them.

It’s your responsibility

Many business owners think in either of two camps firstly my website doesn’t need maintenance or camp two isn’t that my website designer or hosts job. Guess what and sorry to burst your bubble but it is your job to maintain your WordPress website. Unless of course, your contract with your developer covers maintenance or if you’re on something like a WordPress Care Plan.If you don’t maintain your website which involves a minimum of an hour per month and up to 4 or 5 hours then you are at risk of being hacked or the website crashing. On average a website needs its framework (WordPress) its plugins and its themes updated. The most common reason for a website being hacked or crashing is a failure to update security risks created by out of date plugins.Whilst in most cases performing this updates is a matter of clicking a button and waiting if something goes wrong during the process you could lose everything. That is why many business owners prefer to outsource their website maintenance putting their risk on to a professional who knows how to fix it. A website is a big investment don’t let your investment fail.

Security Is Paramount

Website security is the biggest thing when it comes to ongoing maintenance whether your site gets hacked or defaced or whether it simple crashes this is due to poor maintenance. If you want to give your website a fighting chance then you need to keep up website security along with the basic maintenance. Once again this is your responsibility.If you are not making sure that your passwords are strong and making sure that your website has security software installed then who is? Often website design companies offer care plans that can help you to keep your website security in check. Ask yourself if you are serious about security and if so don’t leave it to chance.An insecure site cannot just be hacked or taken down by hackers it can be used to show illicit materials, spam email your clients and visitors and much more. All of these items can destroy a small business owners credibility and as such should be left to a professional service provider to carry out maintenance.

Cost Is Irrelevant

Many business owners who know about WordPress maintenance feel that it is too costly to engage a professional service provider. Whilst these services can be pricey you need to look at the feature on offer and see what it is you need. Whether you are looking at an essential style plan that provides the basic coverage to a more in-depth package that gives added bonuses the price varies.You need to perform an analysis on your own needs before shopping for the service that way you won’t get trapped in a plan that doesn’t work for you. Without trying to push the products I offer through Conceptual Creative my personal belief is that every business owner who has a WordPress website should be paying a professional to maintain the website.I believe this because a website is an investment in your business future success and how much is that investment worth to you. If you spend $10,000 on a website is it really a stretch to spend $1000 per year to make sure that investment is safe. Every year of professional maintenance you have extends the life of your website. Do you think big companies like Apple and Microsoft built their sites and thought well that’s it we are done? No, they probably hired a specialist team to work in-house to do nothing but maintain that website.

Key Take Aways

  1. Maintenance is your responsibility, not your hosts and not your developers unless you are paying them to do the maintenance.
  2. Keeping your website secure is important and website maintenance up to date is part of this struggle.
  3. The cost of employing a professional to maintain your website is far outweighed by the negatives of leaving it to chance.