5 Things you should know about your website and how to find out more about them!

Owning a modern business website is a constant balancing act between three main items. Those three items are Aesthetics (the way your website looks), Content (the text and images that make up your website) and Technical (the things that happen behind the scenes). In this post lets discuss the 5 things you should know about your website and how to learn more about it.

The aim of all websites is to attract new or existing customers to your business, provide them with information, and either compel them to purchase products or services. In fact, I would go so far as to say anyone who says their website is not about sales is not telling the truth.

All websites are about sales whether they are delivering information to an existing client base or attracting and building a new client base. Your website is a sales tool, and, in this article, we are going to go over the top 5 things you should know about your website and how to find out more about them.

Learning from the more experienced worker
Learning more about your website has never been so easy with Presence Auditor

1 User Experience Issues.

In most cases you have either paid someone to create your website or you have had a go at creating your own website. The website may look absolutely amazing, or it may not look great at all. You should always aim to make sure that regardless of looks your website has the following key elements ticked off.

Professional Website Design – Is your website showcasing a modern and professional design after all a potential customers first impression is often the only chance you get.

Mobile Friendly Design – Does your website provide the same experience on a desktop computer or laptop as a mobile phone or tablet. Are you losing visitors because your website doesn’t work properly across all devices?

Easy to Navigate – Is your website super easy to navigate or are your clients and visitors getting lost down a rabbit hole of menu options.

Content – Is your website using the appropriate headings, images, videos and text to compel and convert your website visitors to purchase or work with you.

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If you are concerned about any of these issues check out our Presence Auditor program here. Presence Auditor is your key to online success for your existing website.

2 Conversion Optimisation Issues.

You can have the most beautiful website in the world but if it doesn’t work to convert visitors into warm leads or customers then something is definitely wrong. One of the biggest struggles when building a website is to make sure that the end product is not just beautiful but also functional. We see so many websites with fatal flaws when it comes to conversion optimisation. Some of the most common issues are outlined below.

Noticeable Contact Details – Are your contact details easy to find and displayed in prominent places where they are optimised for conversion. Believe it or not but a considerable amount of traffic to your website can typically be your existing customers looking for your contact details.

Lead Capture Forms – Does your website have lead capture forms aimed at collecting information about your visitor in exchange for something free or at worst in exchange for your newsletter. How will you contact your visitors later if you don’t know who they are?

Call to Action – What do you want your website visitors to do when they visit your website and is that completely clear and easy to see. Do you want website visitors to call you, do you want them to download your free eBook, do you want them to purchase from your online store?

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Does your website showcase what makes your business unique. Do you clearly articulate throughout your website what makes you special? This includes using visual storytelling with your images through to well written text information. Why should your visitors choose to buy from you or work with you?

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The above items are only a few key points that you should know regarding conversion optimisation and your website. Would you like a full comprehensive report on your website? Check out our Presence Auditor program for more ways to learn about your website.

3 SEO and Online Visibility Issues.

SEO gives you a competitive edge over your industry competition but all the advertising and pay per click in the world won’t save you if your website is missing good quality foundations. Key items need to be built into your website at a basic level just to give your website a chance to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. Check out some of the key criteria you should know more about below.

Keyword Usage – Does your website have keywords installed in the pages and does it use the correct mix of headings and titles or the right amount of keyword usage in content? This level of keyword usage is fundamental to online success.

Heading Tags – Is your website using standard heading tags and titles to help search engines better understand your page content. Without the correct tags used in your website often search engines and visitors will see just a large lump of text with no real structure and this generally doesn’t go over too well.

Analytics Tracking – Does your website have analytics tracking installed? There are multiple analytics providers these days, but you should always make sure you have some form of analytics installed. If you didn’t have any installed, how are you going to measure the success of your website?

Sufficient Page Content – I guess one of the most important metrics for this area and one we see a lot is content length on a page. It is important to make sure that your website and each page of it has the correct amount of content needed to be recognised by search engines. Getting your content right for search engines can be one of the trickiest tasks you will perform with your website.

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Not quite sure if your website is up to speed in this area why not get clarity around the flaws in your website by ordering one of our Presence Auditor programs. We check all of the above points and many more.

Searching information
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4 Performance & Security Issues.

The performance and security of your website are paramount to the success of your website. If your site loads too slow or shows as insecure you could be losing potential sales before you even have a chance to convert them. Check out some of the key areas you should know about performance and security below.

SSL Security Certificate – Have you ever been to a website and had one of those big evil red warning messages saying the site is not safe. How does that make you feel and imagine if your clients got that when they visited your site?

Form Captcha – Does your website utilise some form of captcha system on its forms to prevent spam attacks and cyber intrusion. There are many available on the market from simple maths problems to I am not a robot checkbox. Regardless of the system you should be using these on your website.

Page Load Times – The average website visitor expects your site to load in 3-5 seconds at most. There are many factors that can influence your load times from poor hosting to the way your website is built. How does your website stack up?

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We can help you get to the bottom of what’s killing your website load times or help you understand the security of your website. Learn more about our Presence Auditor program here.

5 WordPress Technical Issues.

With WordPress having a lion’s share of the market when it comes to website platforms these days it is important to understand what is under the hood. Often business owners will build a WordPress website but don’t realise the ongoing support required to kep that site performing at peak. Below is a list of just a few key points of interest for your WordPress website.

Premium Plugins & Licenses – Does your website use premium plugins and licenses? Are those plugins and licenses current and active? Is your website a potential security risk due to unlicensed or black-market plugins?

General Plugin Updates – Are the plugins on your website up to date. Every single day plugin updates are released for hundreds of WordPress plugins. It is important to make sure all plugins on your site are up to date at all times. Every day a plugin goes without update the risks of cyber-attack or website failure grows.

WordPress Framework Updates – Is WordPress itself up to date? As a popular and widely used platform WordPress is often a target for hackers. By making sure your WordPress framework is up to date you work to mitigate the risk to your website. Who maintains your website each month?

You most likely mad a significant investment to have your website created so making sure it remains healthy should be every business owner’s priority. Get a comprehensive picture of your website with our Presence Auditor program. Click on this text for more information.


It is important to make sure at all times you monitor, track and measure the success of your website. Many business owners don’t realise that the success of their websites can be attributed to many of the factors mentioned above. Our team have vast experience at working with business owners like you to achieve better levels of success and the items we listed above are just some of the key issues we see.

We provide a program called Presence Auditor that takes an in depth look at your website and provides a roadmap to the future success of your website by identifying key areas that are holding your website back. You can learn more about the program by visiting the Presence Auditor page. If you need further assistance or would like to discuss building a new website please visit our Getting Started page.

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