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Active Campaign – Newsletters Done Right!

When it comes to keeping your clients and target audience up to speed with your business email marketing is still one of the most effective tools we have as business owners. Many of us have heard of MailChimp and many others but most haven’t heard of Active Campaign.Active Campaign is truly a leader in the field with so many features rolled into a single platform you can hardly go wrong. In this article lets take an overview of this great platform and why it might just be the best platform for your business.

Active Campaign has a lot of great features at your disposal depending on your chosen plan level and package. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Email Marketing
  • List Segmentation
  • Subscription Forms
  • Split Testing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Site & Event Tracking
  • Automation Goals
  • Sales CRM
  • Contact & Lead Scoring
  • Mobile Apps
  • Win Probability
  • SMS Messaging
  • Site Messaging
  • Facebook Custom Audience Compatibility
  • 3rd Party App Integration

When it comes to features the above list is endless. In most cases, this platform is used predominately for the marketing and automation functionalities. However in saying that Active Campaign is just as at home in a small solo business as it is in a large multinational corporation. This doesn’t mean it is hard or easy to use, yes there is a learning curve, however, the platform is really well documented.

Email Marketing Functions.

We use this very same platform ourselves and recommend it to our clients. Although other platforms have a free their Active Campaign has a free trial and then you need to pay. In saying that a small startup can get away with just a few dollars a month increasing only when your list grows.With powerful features like list segmentation and dynamic content, your newsletter readers will get a personalised experience from your business. Inserting custom information and clients names is a snap. Imagine you have clients interested in different products or services and you want to email some about one product and others about another. All you need to do is tag your client with specific keywords and then you canned them only the right relevant content.Wondering which newsletter headline gets the best open rate or which content is consumed better why not set up split testing and measure the data. This allows you to really see whats going on with your content and plan for future content using actionable intelligence.

Email Automation Functions.

One of the biggest reasons to look at Active Campaign is the excellent automation builder and functionality that is baked into the product. Imagine your at a networking meeting you collect a business card and you want to reach out to that person with a personalised email campaign. You simply set up the appropriate email sequence and then tag the new contact with the right tags.Ever wanted to send out an email series daily, weekly or at any sequence, you feel suits. The built-in automation with Active Campaign has your back. You can create personalised emails, set wait periods, stop conditions, goals and much more. The automation tools leave nothing to be desired and there are literally endless possibilities. Stuck for inspiration check out the marketplace and see what others are doing with Active Campaign.


If you are looking for a powerful enterprise-grade tool that won’t break the bank but provide excellent capabilities then you need Active Campaign. The mature platform integrates with literally hundreds of 3rd party applications and can handle your business regardless of size. Need more power upgrade to include messaging and full CRM capabilities.Conceptual Creative has partnered with Active Campaign and can help you with training, setup, purchasing and much more. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance or to create a new account.