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Top 10 Reasons To Build With WordPress.

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Top 10 Reasons To Build With WordPress.

Why should you build with WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most versatile website platforms available in the marketplace today. All over the world leading websites including some major publications such as The New York Times and CNN, Musicians including Katy Perry as well as many other large companies and government departments utilise WordPress. You too can utilise this powerful platform for your next business website and here are our top 10 reasons why you should consider building with 

1. WordPress.WordPress is a cost-effective tool.

The development of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress has drastically improved the ability of website designers all over the world to deploy content and feature-rich websites faster than before. This improvement in deployment times means that your website designer can often save time and money on expensive development tasks by utilising this platform. In the long run, any saving at your designer’s end means savings in your pocket. The same savings will also carry through for those wanting to DIY their website.

2. Freedom to Update You’re Website Yourself.

WordPress like many other CMS platforms simplifies the process involved with adding new and fresh content such as blog posts to your website. Out of all the CMS platforms on the market, WordPress is considered to be one of the easiest and most intuitive platforms for users of all skill levels. With some basic training, you can easily log into your website and add content from anywhere in the world with nothing but an internet-connected device and login credentials. Save time and money by adding your own blog posts to your website.

3. Search Engine Optimisation Friendly.

It’s no big secret that if you want to be found online or be successful online you must consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). WordPress has SEO friendly features built right into its core and allows you to optimise pages of content, blog posts and images intuitively. When you’re ready to take it further there are an array of SEO plugins and extensions that can assist you. If you choose to work with an SEO provider for online advertising your choice to utilise WordPress will help you achieve success.

4. Responsive Website Design That Is Truly Mobile-Friendly.

With the ever-growing usage of mobile devices such as phones and tablet computers and the ever-increasing internet of things, having your website display properly, and consistently has never been more important. WordPress has all of the required responsive website design functionality and simply requires the use of a compatible responsive website theme. This means that your WordPress website will work across multiple platforms and be available for more potential customers to view.

5. Additional Functionality and Capabilities With A Couple Of Clicks.

WordPress has an extremely active directory of plugins and extensions available to install on your website. With over 55,000 plugins available in the directory you can easily add extra functions such as eCommerce shopping, e-learning facilities, membership functionality and advertising systems. Grow your website and your business with all of these great plugins and much more.

6. Social Media Integrations With Ease.

Your potential customers are looking for you everywhere including social media. We all know it’s important to have social media for our business but often forget to showcase it on our sites. With WordPress it’s dead simple to add your social media pages and posts to your website and your blogs so that your clients can reach and find your business everywhere they need to.

7. Enhanced Security Options.

Securing your WordPress website is easier than ever and this means your business can rest assured that its data is protected. As long as you keep your website plugins, themes and WordPress core up to date your website will be as secure as possible. You can further enhance the security of your website with 3rd party plugins and this will mean your data and that of your website clients are safe.

8. Massive Community For Support.

WordPress is more than just a software package for websites. With a huge community of developers, designers and users the world over you are in good hands. Whether you’re looking for a new developer to work with or just a community to support your DIY dreams WordPress has it all. Each year in cities and countries all over the world you can attend local meetup events or WordCamp events aimed at helping you on your WordPress journey.

9. Ecommerce Capable For Business Growth.

Many business owners start out with a standard flat website that provides information but doesn’t sell, however, often they find ways to produce products or services to sell and later need a new website. With WordPress and WooCommerce you can have one of the most powerful shopping cart systems in the world at your fingertips. Your business website can become a powerful online sales platform in just a few minutes generating additional revenue for your business.

10. Speed, Efficiency and Power.

Fast load times and fast development time can help your business to skyrocket. With the use of powerful optimisation plugins and development plugins, your website has the power to succeed including better search rankings, faster load times and advanced features that used to only be available to business owners with massive budgets. WordPress is a powerful fast and efficient platform to take your business to the next level.


WordPress is the quarterback of your business online strategy with its powerful core features, elegantly designed themes and highly customisable plugins. The leading CMS platform in the world used by big and small business owners all over the world. If you’re looking for more information on the WordPress platform, The local WordPress community or just to run some ideas past an experienced WordPress designer and developer feel free to contact a member of our team.


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