Top 5 graphic design trends for 2021

Hands of creative software developer or web designer with color palette

Graphic designs are coming with more prominent highlights this year, and we can’t wait anymore to witness them. The old ones are getting rebranded, and new ones are also surfacing. 2020 was a tremendous year if we must say. Many things crashed; others became evolved. Things got better, and things got worse. The online world […]

Choosing An Expert Graphic Designer For Business

Drawing graphic designer

Any business is incomplete without good graphics as it signifies professionalism and quality. With professionalism and quality, you can help your business to achieve its goals and success. This is why choosing the best graphic designer is very important for your business growth. However, hiring a graphic designer is easy now. All you need to […]

What does a Graphic Designer do?

Graphic designer team uses laptops to design new projects for customers.

Have you ever pondered upon eye-catching logos, jazzy posters, or grabby billboards? Who are the ones behind these enticing illustrations? That would be the hard work of a talented graphic designer who has mixed sweat, passion, and time to create wonder for the eyes.  If this was intriguing then this piece is dead right for […]

5 steps to choose your branding colour

Brush and color

Colours speak all languages Joseph Addison 1. Know what you stand for First place to start is knowing what you want to stand for. Are you wanting to be bold? Nurturing? Fun and Carefree? The colours that you choose for your branding colour are going to be the first thing that people will generally get […]

What is the Colour Wheel and why do I care about it

Designer working with colour wheel and digitizer in the office

A colour wheel or colour circle is an abstract illustrative organisation of colour hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc. Wikipedia In sorting out some posts for social media I realised that many people have seen the colour wheel but many may not know how to […]