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cPanel – Creating A Backup

Full Transcript [00:00:00] Okay and welcome back to the next video in our cPanel education series and this one is all about how to create a backup of your hosting account. Now this is for people who want to make a full backup of their hosting account. So when you do this backup you will…

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cPanel – Using File Manager

Full Transcript [00:00:00] Welcome to our next video in the cPanel tutorials series. And in this one we’re going to talk about the file manager. And we’re going to discuss how to upload files and the various ways of doing that. So when you’re in your cPanel dashboard like we are now we need to…

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cPanel – General Overview

Full Transcript [00:00:00] Okay welcome to the main cPanel dashboard. And this is just a very quick overview of cPanel and what you could expect to find when you first log into a cPanel hosting account. [00:00:14] So just to have a quick look at the top here you may have a logo or something…

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