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Content Is King, Bow Down To The Chief!

We have all heard the old adage that content is king but never has it rung more true than in todays modern internet world. So many people globally looking for quality information that will solve a problem. But with great content comes another big issue and that is content publishing. Enter content publishing platform Story Chief.

Content publishing is a big deal and with so many content channels available to us just how do we get our content out to the masses. Enter Story Chief, this great little platform integrates with many of the major channels and can literally save you hours per month.

Story Chief – Content Distribution Service

I was introduced to the platform a few weeks ago via a Facebook group that I subscribe too. At first glance the platform showed promise but I still wasn’t 100% convinced. I signed up for a free trial thinking hey lets give this a whirl for a few weeks and go from there. Within 48 hours they were taking my money and we haven’t looked back.

Story Chief lets you create content, schedule content and distribute content to many platforms and more platforms are planned for the future. Every post published collects statistics and allows you to gain great insights into your readers.

Story Chief Empowers Your Writing & Content

When it comes to creating content the inbuilt editor is familiar with its simple intuitive interface. Easily embed content including photo’s, video’s, social feeds and much more.

You will love Story Chief

Whilst you may find the content easy to edit and embed, you will begin to love the editing process. Your going to love it even more when you realise it has built in SEO coaching. Not sure whether the title is too long? concerned about the amount of content you have written? wondering whether you have used enough keywords? Story Chief will guide you the whole way from creation to optimisation and onto publishing.


On the whole Story Chief is a new platform with a bucketload of potential. When you can create, optimise, schedule and publish to multiple platforms from one place things just work. So how good is the platform? well you are reading this article and it was scheduled two weeks ago via Story Chief and distributed to the platform your reading it on right now. Story Chief is a platform that will save you time and help you grow your business reach.