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If you haven’t heard the saying content is king then you should be asking where you have been for the last few years. More importantly if you are not regularly placing strategic, converting, content in the marketplace are you leaving money on the table?

It is important in the modern environment to make sure that your business is regularly publishing content, not just on your website but on all platforms that are relevant to your business market.

At Conceptual Creative we understand that content creation, marketing strategy and simply finding the time to write, is not for everyone. We have multiple solutions and packages available to help you grow your business online, gain traction in your market and convert visitors into paying customers.

We can help you with a one off one time package or a simple monthly package tailored to your needs. 

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Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is a key component of every successful online strategy. Content is important to your website and online marketing because it helps to position your business in the marketplace and helps to build credibility.

The more credibility you have the better things become in the marketplace. As you build credibility with potential customers website conversion rates increase. As your website builds credibility your search engine rankings increase.

Content marketing is a cost effective strategy that delivers high value without being heavy on costs or resources. You can choose to create the content yourself or pay a professional service to provide content for you.


Long Form Content

Long form content includes items such as blog posts, page content, white-papers, ebooks, landing pages and any other content that has a reasonable amount of written content. Long form content is an important part of your strategy because it encompasses so many key website components.

Blog articles should be written on a regular consistent basis to showcase that your business is open and that you provide value. Page content should always be professionally written with search engine optimisation in mind which is often a niche skill. 

White papers, ebooks and landing pages are great items to combine as part of your value add list building strategy for online growth. Whilst you could create these content items yourself i would always recommend at the worst you pay for someone to review the content.

Social Media Content

Social media content includes both visual and written items and our team are uniquely positioned to help your business with both. Utilising our in house graphic design and content writing team we can easily help you to map out and plan your social media campaigns.

We can provide your social media content in all necessary sizes and shapes for your varied social media platforms. Content is always written to be engaging and work to compliment the visual component.

Not sure when the best time to post is, need help with scheduling your posts? We can work with you to provide guidance on your social media or to provide an all in one solution. Our solutions can include posting and scheduling to help you maximise your focus on the important things in your business.

Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is the process of providing exceptional value to your subscribers via direct email marketing and distribution methods. We can help you with all aspects of email marketing from providing and setting up your list and platform through to scheduling and publishing your emails.

We have worked with several of the major email marketing platforms and can work with you to build automations and streamline your giveaways and email outreach program. Need help with your strategy or need help tying all of the different content types and platforms together we can help with that too.

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