cPanel – Creating A Backup

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[00:00:00] Okay and welcome back to the next video in our cPanel education series and this one is all about how to create a backup of your hosting account. Now this is for people who want to make a full backup of their hosting account. So when you do this backup you will back up any data that you have in your website, Any data that you have in your databases, and any e-mail addresses and e-mail that you have within each separate e-mail address. Keep in mind that email will only be backed up if you have and are using the POP3 or IMAP e-mail protocols, if you are using Office 365 or G-suite please consult the manuals or your provider for those services as they will not be backed up when you do one of these backups.

[00:01:05] Okay so there are two different ways for you to do a backup by utilizing cPanel. So the first one is this one here which just is called back up and the other one is backup wizard. Now the difference is very, very minor. The only major thing is this one is a little more manual and that one obviously follows a wizard to help guide you. But I’m going to show you how to do it both different ways.

[00:01:36] Okay so first off we go to the manual back up and you do that by simply clicking on back up and waiting for it to load. Now once this screen loads you’ll see that we have various amounts of information but ultimately what you need to know is download a zipped copy of your entire site, or a part of your site that you can save to your computer when you back up your website. You have an extra copy of your information in case something happens to your host.

[00:02:14] Now look this is not something that happens very often but I have heard stories of people, their host all of a sudden goes off line for whatever reason they don’t have a back up, they can’t get hold of their host and their investment in their website is gone forever. So it’s always a really good idea to do your own backups.

[00:02:40] And this is going to be the process for doing them now. You’ll notice that the next option down is a full backup and that’s the only one that you really need to be worried about. Now of course there are other ones down here so download a home directory back up, download a secure database back up which will only obviously be there if there is a database, download email forwarders and email filters. So obviously we don’t need to worry about any of this, in most cases.

[00:03:16] Then over to this side you’ve got restores which allow you to restore all those things. You will only ever need to do these types of backups, If you’re specifically asked to but in most cases all you need to do to help protect your website investment is to come into this backup section and simply click this download a full account backup.

[00:03:39] So when we click on that you’ll see that it says backup destination. Now in this case it’s backing it up to the home directory. Which is perfectly fine. You can also click here and choose from these other options. So if you’ve got a different server where you want to store a backup you can actually enter these various details and that will give you those options. So, if we chose for example remote DP server you’ll see that it actually asks for the server details. If we go back to our home directory which is the most simple version because what we’re doing is downloading a backup, temporarily storing it while we download it to our computer. So we choose home directory we choose the email address that we want it to send a notification to. Or you can choose not to send a notification. So it’s easy enough if we click here and choose that email address to send one to and then click the generate backup button and that’s it. You’ll see that it says full back up in progress. And once the full back up of your account has been completed you will receive an email at the address you specified. So once you’ve read that or made sure that it says that it’s in progress simply hit the go back button, and once your backups complete this is where it will be for you to download. Now because this accounts an empty account, It’s already completed it and when you put the mouse over it you’ll see that the tooltip comes up and it says complete. So then all you need to do to download that backup is to simply click on it and it will download to the computer. Okay so that’s how you do a manual backup using the backup system.

[00:05:43] Now if we click our home button and we go back to the backup wizard, you’ll see that the process is similar and pretty much just as quick. So we come in here and we choose the back up wizard icon and we’ll get these two options back up or restore. So in this case obviously we’re doing a back up and we could just click the backup button and then we get these options.

[00:06:12] Now you’ll notice that they’re similar to the options from the other one but a little bit easier to understand. So you’ve got your partial backups over here and of course you’ve got your full backup which is what we need to do. So you simply choose full backup and you’ll see that we are now presented with the exact same screen that we did before and the process from here is identical. We simply click the generate back up, we get our notification to say it’s in progress, and then we click the go back button, and you’ll now see that there are two backups here. Simply look for whichever one has the most recent time. So it’s not obviously this one but it would be this one. And once again you simply click to download the back up to your computer.

[00:07:07] I suggest that once you have downloaded a backup to your computer you should burn it to a DVD, put it on a USB stick, whatever you need to do but make sure that backup was not simply deleted or lost. Another good option is to upload that backup to a server such as a Google Drive, or Dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive, or any of those cloud storage systems where you’ve just got an extra copy of it for peace of mind.

[00:07:40] Okay so once you’ve finished your backup, you’re finished downloading it, you can simply go back to the home screen and that concludes this video on how to do a backup of your website using the cPanel backup system.

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