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[00:00:00] Welcome back to the next episode in the cPanel essentials series and in this episode we’re going to discuss the creation of e-mail accounts. Now all of our hosting packages come with e-mail accounts. However depending on who your provider is you may or may not have access to this functionality.

[00:00:22] Now if you are using Office 365 or G-suite this video does not apply to you as this section of your cPanel will actually do nothing for Office 365 or G-suite e-mail addresses.

[00:00:43] Okay. So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we simply scroll down to our e-mail section and we select e-mail accounts. Now there may be no accounts configured in here. Or there may be this type of account which is as you’ll see, it says default and what that means is that any e-mail that is sent to an unaddressed e-mail address. So you might set up a sales e-mail address, But somebody might mistype that and if they mistype it then it’s likely unless it’s spam to end up in this e-mail address.

[00:01:25] So looking at the interface that we have available here you’ll see that we have a search box which is really handy if you’ve got a lot of accounts and if you want to look at one particular account. You’ll see that it says this feature lets you create and manage e-mail accounts and if you want to learn more then you can click there for documentation and it will give you more information about creating e-mail accounts. You’ll see that we have unlimited e-mail accounts available and we’ve used one of them. Okay.

[00:02:04] So moving down you’ll see we have a box here and that’s the select all box. Now you can’t delete this account because it’s the default account. Certainly cant be deleted on our server and then obviously you can select all and then delete or select the ones you want to and delete them if need be. Now you’ll see that we have the default account and it tells us the name of it and it will be at whatever your domain is. And there will be restrictions so if it’s a restricted account so it might be only allowed to have a certain amount of file storage or anything like that. These sorts of things will show up along here in the restrictions and storage section. So you’ll see here we’re using 411 kilobytes of unlimited storage space.

[00:02:55] So the next button along is check e-mail and the next one is manage and connect devices. So what we’re going to do first is we’re going to go and create a new e-mail address and we do that by clicking on this create button.

[00:03:10] So firstly we’re going to click the create button and you’ll see that we now have a new screen and it says use this page to create new email addresses for any of the domains on your cPanel account and once again linked to documentation you’ll see the value available first and then used. And if you’re missing a domain you can go to the subdomains or aliases section.

[00:03:36] So first things first is the user name. So let’s just create a simple sales e-mail address, so you just simply type sales there and if we had multiple domains used on this account we would be able to choose which domain we want to see sales address at. So in this case we’re just going to set up sales at conceptual creative dot Academy and so we do that.

[00:04:00] And then we’ve got security options so we’ve got set a password now which means we need to choose a password or we can choose provide an alternate email address. So if we just click on the provide alternate e-mail you’ll see that it says the system will send an email with a password configuration link. So if you perhaps have a gmail account and you want to go through the process of setting up your password. That way you can simply provide the alternate email address type it in there and then continue to set up as normal. In this case we’re going to set password.

[00:04:40] Now on our server and many other servers will ask you for a strong password and you’ll see that we’ve got a password option here and we’ve got these little grey boxes underneath which will light up and change colour depending on the strength of your password. So you can either manually choose a password and what we’re aiming for is for these to go green. So here we might type p a s s w o r d @ # and $ and you’ll see that it’s got strength of 87. Now obviously we wouldn’t use a password as simple as that. In that we certainly wouldn’t use the word password for password because it’s a common and easy for someone to guess. Because if you think about it we’ve used the word password which is eight letters long and simply added three symbols to the end of it.

[00:05:42] So literally if somebody was trying to use the password, password they’ve only got to guess those three symbols, not having to guess the full eleven digits. So we’ll just go back and delete that out of there. And obviously if you want to see the password as you’re typing any in you can click on that and then as we type it in you’ll see that it’s coming up there.

[00:06:08] Okay so the best way to get a secure password is to simply click this button that says generate. And when we click that you’ll see that it’s come up with a nice strong password there that has a strength of 99. So that’s pretty much as strong as you can get. Now if you’re going to use that make sure you select your new password and copy it to somewhere safe so that you’re going to remember it. So yeah that’s the best option because you’re going to get a nice strong password.

[00:06:43] Now the next option we have moving down is storage space now by default it allways says that it’s going to limit the account here to 1024 megabytes of space. Now you can set that or adjust that to whatever size you want. So if you’ve got a staff member and they aren’t going to be getting a lot of e-mails you can restrict that right down to probably 250 megabytes. Now I wouldn’t go any lower than that or you’re constantly going to have to make sure they’re emptying their email address but you may. And what I’m going to do here is simply select the unlimited button because that just makes life easier.

[00:07:27] Now you’ll also see the next box says send a Welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client. Now look I always leave that checked because when you first log into your email address you’ll actually be able to see the configuration details for your email account and which means that you can then set it up in email programs such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook. You can even set it up in your online gmail account so that you can check your new email address there, so always leave that checked. It also gives you a way to print it out and then you’ve got a reference sheet for any time you need to set this account up.

[00:08:14] So the next box says stay on this page after I click create. So if you’re going to be making and setting up several email addresses in one go you can of course click that and once you hit the create it will create this new address and then give us a blank screen for us to create another email address. Now we only want to create the one at this stage so we’re simply going to hit the create button and sit back and wait.

[00:08:44] And there you go. You’ll see that we have now created a new sales e-mail address and we clicked that dropdown, we could see the full address and if there’s any restrictions on it. Once again we can now actually delete this address if we wanted to because it is available to do that. Now what we’ve got over here and logeed in you’ll be able to see these in your own account is we have a check email button, we have a manage your email address button, and a connect devices button.

[00:09:20] So we’ll start over at this side with the connect devices button. So when you click on that you’ll see that it comes up with a screen like this. And now when we look down here you’ll see that we have the details that we need to be able to actually set up this e-mail address in our e-mail program. Now this is the same information that was sent to you. When we checked that check box that said Send me a copy of the setup instructions. So we’re simply just going to hit the back button. And we’re going to go out here and we’re going to go to the manage button.

[00:10:01] Now when you go to manage this gives us the option to change the password, it shows us the storage so we can change that if we want to, and you’ll see here that we have the option to add restrictions so we can stop that address from anyone being able to log in. We can stop it from being able to send outgoing e-mail and we can stop it from receiving incoming emails. Now this is perfect if a staff member perhaps resigns and you don’t want them to be able to log into the account or to send outgoing mail but you still want to receive any mail that would be sent to them from potential clients. If that was the case you’d simply click suspend the outgoing mail and then we could probably change the password and that would simply lock them out. You could still receive the mail and obviously it wouldn’t need to send out from that account anymore. And then obviously we just hit the update e-mail settings button or we can actually delete the account. So that is the manage button so let’s just hit the back button.

[00:11:18] And now we will look at the check e-mail button. So this is a fully functioning e-mail address. And if we hit the check e-mail button it will log us into this screen. Now this screen is web mail and you can access this from anywhere in the world and come to a web mail log in where you would use your email address as the username and password that you set to physically log into your e-mail just like you’d do to GMail Online. So when you first opened this it’s going to say to you choose a default web mail application. So we have two options available here hoard and round cube. If you think of these as email programs so something very similar to Microsoft Outlook or Apple mail or Gmail I don’t suggest setting as a default unless you already know which one you want to use. I personally have a preference for Horde but you know you might find round cube easier for what you need. So if we click on horde to go in for example you’ll see that it opens up a basic inbox that you can as I said access from anywhere in the world and you’ll see right here that we have an e-mail already and if I scroll down that’s the e-mail that it sent us saying this is how to set up your e-mail account. Okay. So obviously we’re going to get out of web mail now because we don’t need to do anything there.

[00:13:01] And that is how to set up a basic e-mail account. Now obviously we don’t need this e-mail account so we’re actually going to delete it so I can either select there to choose that particular email address to delete or I can select and unselect using the button up top here and then simply hit the delete button and it says all the data associated with the e-mail accounts will be permanently deleted. And then of course you can simply hit delete. And that’s it that sales address is history, it’s gone. And we’re back to having a clean slate. So if at any time you want to actually go out and create your own e-mail addresses for your business that is the process that you need to follow. And obviously once you’re finished creating them simply click your home button to go back to the main cPanel screen.

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