Do I Really Understand Social Media Marketing?

Do I really understand social media marketing

There’s a common misconception about the use of social media platforms for advertising. Many business owners thought that as long as they have daily social media posts, they have a good marketing strategy. The truth is, it is more than that. It’s not only about social media presence, but it is also about customer service.

Nowadays, social media sites are not just mediums for communication and entertainment. They are also known to be great advertising tools for businesses. With tons of active users, marketers utilize social media channels to reach their target audiences and engage with them. It allows them to have a personal approach and build stable and long-term relationships with customers.

But how can I become an effective entrepreneur with these social media networks? You need to have a solid social media marketing plan.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of creating relevant content to promote your brand across different social channels. It is about audience engagement and developing your online presence. It is where you share tailored messages to your target customers to meet their expectations and have higher conversion rates.

Social media strategy includes content creation, understanding and analyzing social media metrics, and developing marketing campaigns. It enables you to create compelling content and/or optimize the current social strategy based on social media users’ behaviors. It can provide you better engagement rates with your ideal customers.

Moreover, making a social media content calendar helps you come up with an effective content strategy. It saves you time and effort to think about the types of content to share daily. You can schedule posts in advance so you can focus on other business goals. Consistency is the key to keeping loyal customers.

Now, what are the popular platforms used for social media marketing?

  1. Facebook

Facebook is recognised to be the largest social network. With 2.85 billion monthly active users, advertisers would surely not miss the opportunity to build their businesses on it. Facebook itself offers a lot of pre-set tools and features that make it more user-friendly and a good advertising platform.

You can build a Facebook business page where you can post organic content. It also has a paid advertising option called Facebook Ads where it offers a wider range of audiences to share your social posts and reach more potential customers. You can use the Business Suite for scheduling and posting.

You can track the performance of your content by checking Facebook Analytics or by integrating it with other analytics tools like Google Analytics or Google Ads. It will make Facebook marketing easier. It allows you to generate valuable insights and data to help you improve your campaigns.

  1. Instagram

It is a social media tool that focuses more on visual content. It is good for displaying user-generated content and building cogent client-customer interaction. Instagram stories, boomerang videos, reels, and filters are just some of the astonishing features that it has.

Take note, if you want to use your personal Instagram account for business, you need to change some settings. It should be set up as a Professional account for you to unlock the Professional Dashboard and Insights tools, and create ads. They are beneficial for you to understand your target audience and the efficiency of your shared content, and reach more people.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a prominent professional platform. If you want to showcase your skills and your brand to other executives or companies, then this is the right social network for you. It is great for broadening professional connections, building your business profile, and sharing helpful work stories.

You can create a page for your business and invite your connections to follow you. You can use your personal account, your business page, or both in posting promotional or relatable content and job opportunities for recruitment. I can say it’s like Facebook but more formal.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media marketing tool because it sets trends. A lot of its users are following recent news and updates. It is important in advertising because these trending topics are appealing and engaging to your crowd. The more relevant it is, the higher the chance that you will be successful.

Moreover, its limited text, fast-paced and spontaneous design allows you to be more direct and straight to the point. Having the combination of an enticing caption and alluring visuals like photos, GIFs, or video clips, will encourage people to check you out. Most individuals prefer short descriptions over lengthy ones. That’s what makes Twitter unique among the other social media platforms.


Social media marketing is not just about posting promotional or relatable content, but it is also about analysing data and strategising. There’s a lot of social media networks that you can use for marketing, not only the four that we’ve mentioned. But those are the must-have platforms.

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