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In this episode, we carry on with email marketing from the last episode. This week we put forward our 20 biggest tips for email marketing best practices.

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Run A/B split tests
  3. Create a pre-email campaign checklist
  4. Track your chosen metrics and measure success
  5. Personalise your email campaigns
  6. Make sure you publish quality email marketing content
  7. Send all campaigns at the best time to improve opens
  8. Review all links and landing pages
  9. Build your own email list
  10. Segment your list and send relevant content to segments
  11. Unsubscribes are part of email marketing life
  12. Clean and sanitise your list regularly
  13. Make sure your email marketing design is on-brand
  14. Don’t use generic “no-reply” style from names and send addresses
  15. Send a warm welcome email to all new subscribers
  16. Send consistently
  17. Check and test every campaign before you send it
  18. Stay up to date with the latest email marketing trends
  19. Utilise cross channel marketing
  20. Review and check your subscriber data regularly

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