Fast Start Guide To Digital Marketing For Accountants

Digital marketing is continuously thriving. It’s a marketing that was once considered a subset of traditional advertising, but it has now evolved into its own business. In most situations, buying an ad was the marketing solution to most advertising concerns, and online marketing was not even considered. Everything has changed in the new era of digital marketing.

During these challenging times, almost every business owner is resorting to digital marketing. And accounting firms were no exception. However, the majority of them are struggling with the adjustment. What we see in common nowadays is that accounting firms are more focused on beating their competitors and being on top. 

There’s nothing wrong with aiming to be the best. It’s just that they usually forget that’s not the only way to win in the online marketplace. It’s all about providing excellent service to your audience, in all valid ways possible. Your potential clients are out there, waiting for you to reach them. You need to build up your credibility and earn their trust.

But what’s the right digital marketing strategy for accounting firms? Are you curious? Just continue reading!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages and content directly to consumers, who can then be converted into leads or sales through direct response techniques. A digital marketer may use search engine optimization, social media platforms, email lists, display networks, mobile apps, video streaming sites, and other mediums in their efforts to promote products, services, brands, and websites.

It’s a roadmap for everything you want to accomplish, from your overall campaign goals and methods to the audience you want to target and the metrics you’ll use to track your progress. When properly implemented, a digital marketing plan combines your experience and expertise with your unique perspective to help you gain new clients and retain current customers.


How Does It Help An Accounting Firm?

An accountant’s main goal is to ensure your client’s financial well-being and to advise them on the best course of action for their overall finances and properties. To be able to do so, that is, to persuade your prospective clients to trust your advice, you must set a good example.

Today, the most popular approach for people to locate companies or services is to use the internet. That includes making it simple for potential consumers to locate you. Because most searches contain questions or inquiries, addressing the most frequent questions they are likely to ask is one of the greatest methods to ensure that people can discover you.

For instance, if you want to target audiences who have issues with managing their taxes, profits, payables, and receivables, focus your site’s content on them. The more they found you relevant, the more they will have trust in your firm and avail your services.

Digital Marketing Strategies For A Successful Accounting Firm

There are several digital marketing strategies that you can apply to build up your accounting firm in the digital world.

  1. Professional Website

One of the most critical factors to develop your online presence is by having a website. Most business owners set up their own site to freely share with their ideal clients who they are and what they can offer. With proper branding, they can create their unique identity and be recognized.

There are three essential elements that you need to consider when you’re creating your website. First is its aesthetics. The choice of fonts and color combinations is important to make it compelling and interesting. No matter how amazing your content is, if you have a poor design, it’s pointless.

The second is having user-friendly navigation. Creating a responsive design website and offering a menu allows visitors to maneuver from one page to another and find the answer that they are looking for regardless of what device they are using. Make sure to always prioritize user experience.

And third, would be its security. Especially if you’re an accounting firm, you have to protect your customer’s information. Most of the data that you have is confidential. They may involve money, properties, assets, and many more. These are prone to scammers and hackers so ensuring your site’s safety is a must.

  1. Content Marketing

Any digital marketing plan should include content marketing as a key component. It’s a method of communicating with your potential clients in the most efficient way possible, and it aids in the development of trust by ensuring that they understand what you have to offer before asking them to take further action.

To be successful at content marketing, you need to make sure that every piece of content on your website has a purpose – whether it’s educational or promotional. You can do this through keyword research and analysis, which will help you find out exactly who you are talking to and why they might want to purchase your product or service.

You should also create engaging headlines and subheads that grab people’s attention so that they click on your links and read more about what you have to say. This means using keywords as much as possible within these sections. Make sure each post includes useful information about accounting and finance that readers would like to share with their families, colleagues, or friends.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of improving your website’s visibility in search engines. 

Long-tail and voice keywords can help you boost your site’s exposure while also building authority. When you give answers to frequently asked queries, you are telling search engines that your site is useful and should be prioritized above the websites of other businesses.

The higher up you appear on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the more traffic you will receive from people searching for what you offer. If someone lands on your website after performing an accounting or finance keyword-related search then they have already shown interest in something you provide. This could mean an increase in sales leads or even new clients!

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to get your name out there and build up some brand recognition. It’s also a good tool for getting new clients or even just generating more business with current ones. But first, you need to identify the social networks where your target audience mostly is.

Determining the social media platforms to use saves your time and your marketing efforts. If you think your accounting firm will have more potential customers on Facebook and LinkedIn than Instagram and Twitter, then focus your marketing on the first two. Always prioritize the sites that have more to offer.

Also, make sure you set up your social media pages professionally. They serve as an extension of your website when it comes to your online presence. So, as much as possible, make sure that you still have your branding, the essential information about your firm, and relevant accounting content on social networking sites.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that every business owner should be using. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with your clients, and it also helps you build relationships with new ones. It will be easier for you to present your services and convince them why they need to choose your accounting firm instead of others because you have plenty of space to make use of.

To have effective email marketing, first, you need to have an alluring subject line. Second, include your personalized welcome message. Third, use a combination of texts and related images to make the body of your email engaging. And fourth, add a call-to-action to encourage customers to do the certain activity that you prefer.

  1. PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a marketing strategy that allows marketers to display their ads online by bidding on keywords. Keep in mind that you will only be charged if a user clicks on your ad. In contrast to SEO, which can be done virtually for free, running a PPC Ad campaign requires an online advertising expenditure.

For example, you want to use the keyword “Best accounting firm in Australia.” Instead of waiting for months or a year to rank it and drive traffic, you can bid for it so it will show up on top and on the side of search engines, results and social media feeds. It offers quicker results especially for those who are just starting to boost their digital presence. 

  1. Video Marketing

Using videos to market your product or service is not only efficient but also cost-effective. With the apt approach, you may easily reach thousands of potential clients with short videos. And, because videos require less upkeep than text-based advertisements, this method is excellent for small firms with limited resources.

What you need to get started with this is mastery of accounting and confidence. Unlike writing, your speech, gestures, expressions are seen and heard in the video. So, it is imperative to practice what you need to deliver to display eloquence and gain your viewers’ trust.

  1. Host Webinars

Webinars are online seminars that provide your target audience with useful information. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming to host one. Webinars may establish your knowledge and authority to those who attend, increasing the likelihood that they will hire you.

Most likely, those who would attend your webinar are qualified leads. They will not join if they are not interested in what you would discuss, right? Offer free financial advice or other accounting consultations. Once they find it helpful, they will surely check you out and high chances are, they will avail of your service.


Digital marketing for an accounting firm is the key to victory. Attract new leads and convert them into customers to meet your marketing goals. Showcase your accounting skills and experiences in the tremendous online world and continue to grow your business.

Digital Marketing is one of the expertise of Conceptual Creative. Send us a message and we’ll let you know how can we help.

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