Top 5 graphic design trends for 2021

Graphic designs are coming with more prominent highlights this year, and we can’t wait anymore to witness them. The old ones are getting rebranded, and new ones are also surfacing.

2020 was a tremendous year if we must say. Many things crashed; others became evolved. Things got better, and things got worse. The online world was explored endlessly, and we saw so many tech entrepreneurs adding more billion dollars to their net worth day after day.

However, the pandemic outbreak last year had some bright sides to our social life. The mandated closedown of stores, marts, galleries, theatres, and educational institutions impacted the online world. Distance learning became enforced, online shopping was adopted, and working from home became the order of the day. There was a need to adapt to virtual experiences in our lifestyles quickly.

New fashions and lifestyles are coming in vogue. Due to the online experience, graphical designs are here to stay. Web designs now possess swift, easy access, optimum security elements that make designs trend. There are so many improved virtual illustrations topping the recent trends charts.

Having done quality and innovative research, I will share top graphic designs expected to blow minds in 2021. The world is evolving; our knowledge should evolve alongside.

Graphic Design Trends 2021

Emoji Designs

Emoji are the most common forms of pictorial representation recently. It enables people to add/show emotions, feelings, written statements. They are used between sentences and at the end of sentences.

Emojis are getting popular in the communication world. You can use emojis on different media like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

Emojis are now becoming the centre of communications. Some people can engage in long chats using emojis alone to show expressions. Emojis create a reaction that can’t be expressed in the written word; they lighten a chat’s mood. It is a feature everyone is happy to use.

An emoji can distinguish the tone of a chat. A chat without emoji can be read in different ways and can get misinterpreted. Due to these reasons, the use of emoji designs will skyrocket in the next few years. Designs will be created to show more expressions. A time will come when an emoji will express a full sentence of ten words. Graphic designers are thinking of new styles to create. The trends will go places.

Mirage Designs

Mirage is also known as an optical illusion. Your eyes send a signal to the brain, the brain tries to interpret the signal, but it does not transmit what you perceive. You often move away and try to interpret what you were looking at; you can forget about it or keep thinking. An excellent example of an illusion is what appears to be a pool of water in front of you while driving on a tarred road on a sunny day.

It is not a pool of water but a reflection of the condensed clouds high up in the sky, surprising right? Designs like this hold so much attention, and it keeps people busy on the web. This year, designers are looking into the trend. If you want your brand to look mouth-watering, you need to consider this illusion design—the quest to find out how an object moves is a way of attracting viewers.

Typography Designs

Typography design is full of concepts of innovative ideas. More artists are beginning to create unique designs with typography. The recent trend in typography is the 3D typo. Typography will be transformed into 3D. This development is realistic; you feel like you can touch and turn it around.

We can’t wait to witness many 3D artistic works and ideas in 2021. Typography also consists of cool patterns, animations, and fashion lettering. So many fashion brands are exploring these graphic designs in extraordinary ways.

Gold Designs

Metallic designs are getting super attractive in 2021. Accessories are made out of gold, and people are embracing fashion. Gadgets and smartphones are also gold-plated; gold fashion is perceived to be trendy this year.

Graphic designers have worked with different metallic materials like bronze, tin, silver, etc. Gold is still the best piece to experiment with. It shows the power and beauty of reflection; and variations in designs. This year, artists will show the luxurious sensation from gold designs.

Geometric Designs

The concept of constructing plane shapes and 2D shapes to give intricate designs is getting to its peak this year. Shapes and solids with monotonous colours are reshaped into 3D objects with dynamic colours. Graphic designers are mixing tones and shades to give imaginative designs.

The idea of transforming these colourful designs into 3D is superb. Natural images will be given this cool look. This year, we will experience the creation of 3D shapes designs for online games. This feature will increase the thrilling feeling that comes when one plays 3D games.

These designs discussed are the top trends to look out for this year. Fashion is getting evolved daily; we need to create and explore graphics to make our online experience better than before.

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