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Martin Mills

Martin Mills

Martin is our company director and resident WordPress website and online marketing guru. With over 25 years of creative industry experience his articles on marketing, WordPress and technology will leave you with more knowledge in your toolkit.


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In this article, I am going to take a quick look at some great ways to grow your business. For something different, we will be looking at both online and offline areas for growth.

When we think of business growth we generally look only at one aspect and that’s profit. There are so many ways to grow your business and yourself that are not all about profit. This article will focus on covering some of these options as well as traditional options.


Online growth is where quite often there is a lot of low hanging fruit to grab. I have outlined a few online options below but remember in all cases you need a great online growth strategy to really be effective in the space.


Social media is not as easy as it may have been in the past but still offers some opportunities. Please note unless you have the next best thing since sliced bread social media will not make you millions without first requiring significant investment. Social media is great for generating product awareness and positioning of your brand.

This means that instead of going down the rabbit warren that is paid social media advertising take a look at how you can sell your brand. Firstly you could join some small business groups and communities. By joining these groups you old easily answer questions and suggest solutions to common problems that relate to your industry, this, in turn, will assist you to build brand trust and positioning.

Paid social media advertising still has its place however the return on investment is often poor and the conversion rate is typically low. I do recommend that if you wish to go down the paid social advertising route to consult a professional in that industry. If you’re looking for a referral message me or comment below and I will connect you to one o the businesses I work with regularly.


You can have the best website in the world but if nobody knows where to find it is it really working for you. Search engine marketing can be costly so please don’t be under any other impression. I say it can be expensive but in reality, the reward can far outlay the investment providing SEM is done well.

As you can imagine in our industry we see and work with quite a few search engine marketing professionals and it’s important to find the right one for your business. I work with some great SEM providers regularly so if you need a trusted SEM advisor to let me know in the comments. So what exactly is SEM? It is the art of running advertisements in search engines with the aim of getting your website a top ranking on search pages. Depending on your industry and the competitiveness of your chosen keywords will dictate the costs or SEM.

For competitive markets, you might be looking at clicks costing well over $20 per click and even into the thousands for some. In saying that you can easily look at alternative keywords and strategies to help you grow your business.


This is similar to the above SEM however it is more about building long term steady traffic to your website. Search engine optimisation is about making sure the content on your website appeals to your target market and meets the requirements of search engines for ranking. Whilst you are not paying for advertisements typically you are paying for the service and work involved with optimising your website and content.

SEO is the best long term strategy mentioned in this article and whilst it can be combined with SEM ultimately it should be performed prior to SEM. SEO forms a great foundation for online growth into advertising and well-optimised website should form the central basis of your online strategy for growth. Often the same company you hire for SEO will typically offer SEM as an additional service.


It’s important to make sure that your online growth options are supported by some good offline options as well.


There are many options for business growth in just about every community. They range in price and structure from social breakfast networking to structured business groups. In my day to day business I have tried many different types of business networking before settling with my current provider  BNI.

Business networking is great because it not only gives you an opportunity to grow the business but also to grow as a professional. Business networking has many benefits including education, public speaking and much more.


Every day we have interactions with other people and those people can become your biggest marketing tool. At every BBQ and social event, you can easily listen for opportunities. Those opportunities may be to talk about your business or to listen for a way you can help solve a problem.

By listening and educating you can easily and freely find others you can potentially work for or with. The more people you talk with the better your chances are of picking up a referral.


Whilst I have covered a few options for online and offline business growth there are many more out there. If you have an interesting or another way to grow your business why not join in on the discussion below.

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