Happy New Years! What Do We Have In Store For 2020

First, let me start by wishing everybody a super happy 2020 and we are glad that your hear reading this post. Thanks for working with us, reading our articles or interacting with us in 2019. We look forward to providing even better content, services and conversation in 2020.

2019 was a pretty good year for us and like every business we had some low points and some high points. Moving into the next decade we are learning from each low point and replicating our wins just as we hope all of you are as well.

We are planning to make some changes around here in the year to come and we thought we would take this opportunity to outline some of that change. 

New Hosting Platform.

The first big thing happening is a current transfer of all client sites over too a new hosting platform optimised to improve several things for all of our WordPress clients including load times and ease of use. With this change, there may be minimal disruptions to your existing services at the point of changeover and we will be working with all clients to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Email Hosting Moving Forward.

In the past, we have always offered POP3 and IMAP email hosting with our website hosting plans. Whilst we will continue to allow you to create these types of emails we will no longer be providing any official support for them. This change has come about due to increased awareness of email security issues and the fact that both of these email types are not as secure as they could be. We are encouraging all of our clients to move to an Office 365 account or Google Suite account with one of our preferred suppliers. We will, of course, provide as much support for your email transitions as possible during this time. Contact us to discuss your email options.

Better Support Options.

We are currently examining our WordPress Care Plans and support portal and creating better value plans and easier to access support moving forward. We will be setting up some improved systems for handling all of your support requests and better systems for providing care plan reports to your business. We will no longer be providing ad-hoc support on an hourly basis and all clients wanting support will need to either subscribe to a WordPress Care Plan or Pre-Purchase blocks of pre-paid update time. Pre-paid blocks of update time do not expire so buying a block of time now and only using part of it will mean that you still have time available when it is needed.

In House Design & Branding Options.

Recently we launched our second brand in Brand Print Promote to assist our clients with their ongoing branding, commercial printing, graphic design and promotional requirements. Tabitha will be heading up this section of our business and will be available to help you with your projects. With expertise, in business branding, stationery design, promotional item design, social media and digital design, logo design and commercial printing Brand Print Promote is your key to brand consistency.

Increased Access to Professional Services.

Through our business networks and partners, we will be offering additional services, business referrals and connections to help support the business owners that support us. Our partners include services such as legal, financial, automotive, multimedia and much more. Watch this space for some great offers and information coming as soon as we finish nailing down the details with our partners. In the meantime need some help with something give us a call!

New Content And Better Educational Support.

This year we aim to be providing you with more regular content, more regular updates and better education. We believe that our content helps all of our clients grow and that’s why we continue to improve and refine our own content strategies. In 2020 we are planning to release new articles weekly on our website and across our social media platforms as well as many other updates such as security information and useful articles from across the internet. Wednesday will be our day for content release so watch this space every Wednesday for fresh content.

Meetings, Workshops and Client Contact.

2020 will see an increase in workshops and client contact as well as meetings from our office space in East Brisbane. We will be looking to hold workshops on several topics around website design over the next 12 months and are always looking for workshop ideas. Feel free to contact us with things you would like to learn, if we adopt your content idea for a workshop then you get to attend that workshop for free. We will be reaching out to all clients this year on a regular basis so keep an ear out for the phone or an eye on that inbox as we would love to catch up and find out how we can better support your business.


We have so many other plans for 2020 but wanted to share a few with you. For now thanks again for your business and support in 2019 and let’s work together to make 2020 a great year for all of our businesses.

Ultimately from our family to your’s Happy New Years!

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