How Often Should I Add A Blog To My Website

As I stated in a previous article, website content is the backbone of your search engine optimisation strategy. We all know that creating content is one of the effective approaches to boost your ranking in search results. It is because it can be your way of communicating to the users online to meet your business goals.

Blog posting is one of the areas on your website where you can add content. If you have insightful and entertaining articles, it will help you drive more traffic into your website and generate high-quality leads. It is a great means of keeping your page relevant and updated.

Interestingly, a lot of entrepreneurs try to venture through the magic of blog posts. But one common question that we have is, “How often should I add a blog to my website?” Actually, it depends.  Here’s why.

How many blogs does my website need?

Some would say you should upload blog posts daily, others may say weekly or bi-weekly, and it just goes on. The truth is there is no exact number of articles that you need to post in a day, week, or month. However, there are several factors that you need to consider for you to identify your ideal blogging frequency for your business.

Identify the purpose

Creating content without setting up goals and objectives will lead your marketing efforts nowhere. Every article that you write should have a reason and a purpose. Do you want to write because you want to provide valuable information to the users? Build up your brand? Better ranking in search engine results? You decide.

Moreover, once you know what you want to achieve, don’t forget to consider your audience. Yes, you are doing content creation to leverage your business, but it should be beneficial for your ideal customers. Always remember, without them, your brand will be nothing. So, aim to produce relevant content.

Quality over quantity

It applies to everything. Rushing things usually leads to poor results and repetitive work. Meaning, it takes more time and money. And if you are a business owner, you don’t want that to happen, right?

The same goes for blog posting. You don’t want to provide your potential customers with substandard content. Publishing irrelevant content will affect your quality score and your search engine traffic. It will diminish your website’s credibility and lose leads.

Sometimes you don’t really need to release new content. Optimizing the outdated articles on your website is enough to republish. Technology is quickly changing so what you wrote before may not be accurate today. Always review your previous blog posts from time to time as they can be valuable content again.

Always take time to research and proofread your blogs before posting. Users tend to go with high-quality content so you need to plan your content. Look into the possible topics that are relevant to your target audience so they may find your article useful. Also, as much as possible, ensure that your blogs are free from any grammatical or typographical errors to have high-quality blog posts.

Create a posting schedule

Setting up a schedule pushes you to be consistent in writing and posting blog articles. It kicks out procrastination and enables time management which are essential factors to succeed. It creates brand loyalty with your customers since they already know when you are going to release new content. If you do it daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, they will expect your blog at a specific date and time and visit your website once it’s posted.

You can check tracking tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console so you would know when would be the best day and time to post. Once you understand your audience’s behavior, you can create a content calendar to put everything in order. It will allow you to have a better content strategy.

Having a regular blog posting schedule will also help you boost your site’s organic traffic. They use robots to evaluate your page. So, if you usually update your website through publishing articles, these robots will have more pages to crawl and index and that will help you improve your position in search results.

Check the availability and resources

If you are an entrepreneur and the content writer of your website at the same, then producing high-quality posts is truly challenging. Again, it’s not just about your capability to write a blog from scratch, but also the thought of what you want to communicate with your audience. So, you need to consider your time and skills when thinking about the ideal posting frequency.

You may outsource the content creation task to a digital marketing agency like us. But then you still need to assess the posting schedule based on their capability. The number depends on how many quality blog posts they can write in a day, week, or month. Always set a realistic and achievable timeline to meet your blogging goals.


If we are to suggest, one exceptional blog post per week is enough. But as we stated earlier, there’s no definite number on how many blogs you should upload every week. It depends on you and your business goals.

Identify the purpose, quality over quantity, create a schedule, and check the resources for you to set your blog’s ideal frequency. Now, if you are considering outsourcing content creation and developing your business strategy, Conceptual Creative is your team.

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