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Conversion Focused Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design is the art of creating a sales based or “squeeze page” that helps to focus a website visitors attention on a particular product or service. Quite often a visitor is lured into your landing page using some kind of free or discounted offer. From this point the person would register to receive the offer, pay (if required) before being up sold on additional related products or services.

There are many factors to take into account when crafting your perfect landing pageĀ  including pricing, layout, supporting information, testimonials, imagery and more. Each landing page should have unique content that is focused to sell the product or service being advertised. There should be no doubt in the website visitors mind what they are to do when they visit your landing page.

Anatomy of Landing Page Design

There are several key sections when it comes to landing page design. They are as follows with some notes:

The Lure – What is it that lures your customer in to visit the landing page. This could be a free eBook, product sample, discounted product or something similar.

The Sales Copy – This is the text optimised to sell the product or service and is placed on the page. This is usually written by an expert content writer specialising in conversion based sales copy.

The Backup – This is the testimonials and fear of missing out items that compel the visitor to buy now. This could be testimonials, a fomo plugin that shows recent purchases on the page, case studies or even countdown timers. Any thing that will motivate your visitors to buy now.

The Upsell – This is typically a product or service that is complementary and a no brainer to the visitor. The purpose here is to take a low value product such as the lure used above and convert the sale into a higher value.

The Downsell – Just in case your visitor says no to the much higher cost item why not offer them something in between as a last option to convert.

Of course you landing pages should be collecting contact details for your sales and marketing list so that you can try to entice that visitor / buyer to purchase more in the future.

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