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Lead Capture – Owning Your Leads To Save Money

Lead Capture!

Lead Capture – when it comes to growing your business having your own list of clients and potential clients wins hands down over spending marketing dollars. The most common mistake we see on websites is a lack of a way to capture a lead. Whether it is a case of it seeming too hard or simply an oversight if you are not capturing leads your business isn’t growing.

When capturing leads there are a few techniques utilized to build the list but first, you need to have a list. Usually, a list is created in an email marketing platform such as MailChimp, Aweber or Active Campaign. They all work relatively the same way but each has strengths and weaknesses. We recommend either Mailchimp or Active Campaign as these two are both similar, however, do have different strengths.

Lead Capture – Using MailChimp

MailChimp is a great platform and can be utilized for free for the first few hundred contacts. The platform is great if you are starting out however if you want to use automation and a few other advanced functions you will need a paid plan.

MailChimp is one of the most commonly used platforms for startups and small business owners it is fairly easy to use and has a great drag and drop email builder.

Lead Capture – Using Active Campaign

Active Campaign offers similar functionality to MailChimp but does not have a free plan available for lead capture. In saying the smallest plan is easily affordable and includes automation and integrations. This very email you have received and indeed the ones sent over the past two days have been created using an automation in Active Campaign.

The strongest point of Active Campaign is its functionality, especially around integrations and automation. You can easily set up drop feed campaigns, email-based courses and much more using the tools provided in the base plan. On top of that, you can add a CRM to Active Campaign for a few extra dollars per month.

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TIP – It doesn’t really matter which platform you use as long as it meets your basic requirements and as long as you are building a list. Worried about having no-one to market to. Why not populate your list with existing clients. Existing clients make great new potential clients because they have already bought from you in the past.

Techniques For Capturing Leads

The most common way to capture leads is to give away a small amount of information for free. From that, you are giving your visitors massive extra value with a series of tips and tricks for taking control of your online presence. This checklist and email series is probably the most basic way you could be marketing to your clients and potential clients and exchanging value for their contact details.

Whatever you decide to do or giveaway to your audience you need to make sure of a few things. We have outlined those below:

– Make the giveaway relevant to your market.

– Make sure the giveaway solves a real problem.

– Make sure the giveaway has massive value to the end user.

If you keep those 3 points in mind you can’t go wrong. I know your probably thinking but my competitors will see what I’m doing and either steal my IP or copy me. Remember that your potential clients and target market need that information and if you don’t give it to them someone else will. If others copy or steal your information this is most likely their way of trying to catch up. If they are copying you it means your on to something so why not lead by example.

Owning The Lead!

You may have heard the term owning the lead being thrown around but let’s discuss what that means. Firstly to get a lead there are so many available options. Options include Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Linkedin Advertising, Instagram Advertising and so many more. The biggest thing all of these platforms have in common is that you pay for each click or potential lead.

The problem with this is that your cost of gaining a client goes up for each one that you use. By owning the lead you are not paying repeatedly for those leads. You pay once to perhaps get the lead the first time but once they are on your MailChimp or Active Campaign list you can market to them repeatedly without additional cost.

I hear you say yes but there is still a cost for these marketing platforms in monthly subscriptions etc however in saying that the cost is significantly less. A typical example would be that you run a facebook add for 7 days at $5 per day and you gain 7 new leads. That’s one new lead per day and it cost you $35.00 for all of them. A typical email platform will cost you about $9.95 per month and for that price you generally get 500 subscribers you can market too. 

The email platform has a cost of $0.02 per subscriber per month. That means that you can send as many emails as you like to those 7 new subscribers for a total cost of $0.14 per month. This is significantly cheaper than any other marketing platform on the market. Even if they were the only 7 subscribers you have it is still cheaper per month than it is is to run advertising campaigns.

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