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Generate Income From Knowledge

Online learning websites are a great way for you to generate revenue from your knowledge. Using a powerful combination of WordPress CMS combined with a learning management system (LMS) we can help you deliver your courses to the market. Your courses could be text based, audio based, video based, quiz based or a combination of all of the above.

Our team can help you with full setup, filming and recording content, course design and layout, payment setup and all other aspects of your learning system. There are many platforms on the market that can deliver your courses but most use proprietary software that will not allow you to move or take your course to another provider without considerable work.

Our solution is a standalone system that you own and is transferable to other standard website hosts the world over. This means you have the power and the freedom to grow your business through educational content without the drawbacks.

Your online learning websites project could be linked with  eCommerce to create a paid sales platform that is 100% native and owned by your business.

What will you teach today?

How Can Online Learning Websites Help?

There are many use cases for online learning websites and we thought we would simply cover a few that we know of. The aim here is to help you to think more about how this type of technology can help benefit your business.

Health & Fitness Industry – In this industry you could easily cater for more clients by offering subscription based access to online personal training videos, nutrition content, online video classes, tutorials and much more. This would open your business up to increased growth potential and future proof the business.

Business Services – In this industry you could use it to deliver your acquired knowledge either to industry partners, customers or for staff training. This would free you up from having to run in person training sessions and demonstrations and allow for year round access to the content.

Creative Services РIn this industry you can utilise online learning websites to help you teach others. From teaching techniques via video link to training on specific creative systems. Imagine if you were an in person art school servicing a local market, what could taking your classes online do for your bottom line. 

How could you utilise online training in you business?

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