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Did you know that website hosting can play a critical role in the success of your business website? Many business owners have spent thousands of dollars on building a highly optimised website, then even more money on SEO only to get next to no results.

Often this is due to not spending enough money on purchasing quality website hosting. We have partnered with 3 different hosting companies to provide high quality, highly reliable website hosting and WordPress optimised hosting.

By choosing to work with one of our hosting providers you are purchasing their expertise and support combined with our website optimisation knowledge. This helps you to create a winning formula for loading your website quickly and accurately for your website visitors.

More information on our hosting offerings can be seen below.

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We know from experience that utilising high quality local Australian Website Hosting will not only improve your website performance but also help with your SEO rankings. When you choose a local website host your making the conscious decision to provide better service to your visitors and clients.

All of our Australian Web Hosting plans include great features such as:

  • Quality Fast Storage Space & Bandwidth
  • Free DNS Hosting
  • Database Access
  • POP / IMAP Email
  • Free Basic SSL Coverage
  • FTP Access
  • Plesk Hosting Panel Access
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Queensland Based Data Centre
  • Email Ticket Support
  • Phone Support
  • Much More…

Quality Australian Website Hosting doesn’t have to cost a fortune, our plans start from a low $15.99 per month. Need to host multiple sites ask us about our multi-site hosting discount.

Would you like us to show you what Australian Web Hosting can do for your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?

If you think of your website as being the home of your business on the internet then the hosting is effectively the land on which that house was built. Every website needs some form of hosting to store the site. Website hosting is at its most basic a powerful storage system attached directly to the internet with the aim of storing and displaying your website.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared website hosting is where a company stores multiple websites securely in one storage facility or hosting server. For example we host our clients website on a shared virtual private server, this means we lease a large amount of storage space and resources and we then share those resources amongst our clients hosted websites.

 Cheap website hosting is done this way only they may store several hundred or thousand websites in that same space. The key to good shared hosting is to not overload it with too many websites competing for resources.

What is a domain name?

If we follow the website is a house and the hosting is the land analogy then your domain name is your street address. It is the address people will type in to get directly to your website via the internet.

You should always register your own domain and control the ownership of your domain.

What is bandwidth and how much do I need?

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic allowed to visit your site in a time period. This includes both ingoing and outgoing traffic typically. This means anytime someone visits your site it will use a small amount of bandwidth in each direction. As a rule we recommend making sure you have enough bandwidth to fully transmit and receive your own website at least 10 times over to start with. Most good hosting providers can help you calculate the bandwidth you will need in a month.

What is disk space and how much do I need?

Typically we suggest having at least 3-5 times the size of your website as a minimum storage amount. So if your website is 500mb in size then your disk  space should be at least 1500-2500mb in size. This will allow for growth. If your also storing emails on your hosting account then we suggest making sure you have a minimum of 2gb of extra storage space.

Will you host my email for me?

In the past it was common practice to host your emails with your website. However over time these email hosting methods have proven to be less reliable, less secure and overall nowhere near as effective as a business needs. As such we made a business decision to stop hosting POP and IMAP emails with our hosting accounts.

We now offer assistance with setting up and implementing Office 365 and Google based commercial email services. These services are much better and more reliable than the older email systems and far superior in functionality.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate protects the data stored and transmitted by your website. This helps your website visitors shop or communicate with the confidence that their data is being encrypted and protected. All of our standard hosting plans come with a basic SSL certificate. If you need a more powerful certificate we can organise this for you for a fee.

Is my website protected from hackers?

We take all necessary precautions to protect your hosting environment for cyber attacks. We are not responsible for any attacks especially when a weak password is used. We do take backups of our servers however, we recommend that your website should be backed up yourself on a daily basis. If you have a WordPress based website we can help you protect your site with one of our care plans.

How do I backup my website?

Our website control panels whether on our server or through WP-Engine both have backup facilities available please reach out to us directly for guidance on taking your own backups with these systems.

Do I have to host with Conceptual Creative?

If you have a brand new site built by us then we will host that site for the first 12 months as part of our development and commitment to giving your website the best chance. If you are one of our care plan clients then we do require you to host with us as part of that care plan service. Our website lease clients also must host with us.