15 Things To Post On Social Media For Business

The toughest job about running social media for any business is coming up with new ideas. Business owners juggle around multiple social media profiles and keep them up-to-date with fresh content. Your followers are hungry for fresh and unique content like promoting special offers and events.

Fresh and original content always attracts users’ attention and keeps them coming back to your brand. People will be excited to see about your posts and make them more engaged with your posts.

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15 Social Media Posts To Keep Your Brand Feed Fresh

Below we have written down 15 social media ideas for big and small brands. Each idea will help you to keep your social feeds from ever growing stale. Check out the following ideas that might help you right away.

Share some valuable and best tips according to your brand niche. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, your audience expects some cooking tips or recipes from you.

You can pass on some valuable tips and information to the followers that might help you gain your followers’ trust.

2 Behind The Scenes

Give a look to your audience how you work or how your team works in an incredible way. Your audience would love to know the team behind your business. Giving your followers a “Behind Your Scenes” look will show your brand’s authenticity.

Taking a photograph or a video of your office does not have to be a difficult or rocket-science task.

3 Make Fun Videos

Videos have all the capabilities to drive your audience. You can share some of the amazing videos on your social media channel to reach your younger audience. All you need to make sure that videos are creative and engaging.

4 Company News

Share personalized news about your organization on your social media feeds. For example, share a picture of your team celebrating some huge achievement or introducing a new product. 60% of users use Twitter for the announcements and updates of the company.

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5 Employee Spotlight

Always give employees a chance to shine, and your audiences would love to see the team behind their favorite brand. It will help them connect with your business on a personal level.

You can support your employees during the pandemic and can highlight the employees who are helping their communities. It will not only boost your employee’s motivation and help you to gain new followers.

6 Product Shots

Always think of new ideas to share your products on social media. For example, place all your products together, photograph with some cool backdrops. Or, you can also create a slow-motion animation, and make it look fun.

Always make sure that your products fit in seamlessly with the brand aesthetic value, and it should blend well with your other content. The product shots should be amazing for standing out as your audience scrolls your feed.

7 Contests & Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to reward your followers and gain new followers. You can boost engagement by making a post comment or share a condition for entry. Create giveaway content on special occasions like Christmas or New Years’.

You might be amazed to know the accounts that run contests on a regular basis are noted to grow 76% faster than those that do not. Crazy right?

8 Influencer Content

Try to pair up with an influencer who fits well with your brand, and have them generate your content for your brand. Check the influencer followers and engagement before you hire someone.

It will increase your followers on your social media in no time. People will recognize your brand through the influencer’s profile.

9 Celebrate Holidays

From #InternationalYogaDay to #InternationalEducationDay, there are plenty of holidays that are perfect for your social media feeds. Holidays are a great way to share relevant content to your brands, industry, and your products/services.

10 Games Or Challenge

If you want to stay on-trend, then create fun games or challenges to boost your engagement. For example, This or That, Choose Your Netflix House, or Dress Up Like Favorite Celebrity.

11 Host An AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Ask Me Anything represents an awesome opportunity to communicate with your target audience and engage with your followers. Basically, these Q&A sessions are where you can share your knowledge, insight, and experiences.

12 Team Up With Another Brand

Co-marketing is a win-win situation for your brand. Nothing is more fun than teaming up with another brand for ebook, promotion, and webinars. All you need to do is look for the brands that are not your competitors but have similar target audiences.

13 Go Live

A plain and simple live video will bring wonder to your business. You can use live streaming as an avenue to answer questions and educate your audiences about your products and services. It will also help you build a real-time personal connection with your followers.

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14 Make A Meme

You should not be afraid to show off your sense of humour. Followers love to share memes with their family and friends. So, make sure that you make memes that relate to your niche industry. If you want to target younger generations, then memes would be the best way to connect with them.

15 Previews & Teasers

Try to give your followers a sneak peek at what you have coming up. You can include some photographs of your new products, or a few details teasing an upcoming event. You can simply share a glimpse of your new products but make sure you never give away too much information. It will create some excitement in your followers.


Are you tired of posting the same old content on your social media platforms? Why not give some of these social media ideas a shot?

Business these days are very competitive, so never force yourself to adhere to a single type of content. There are plenty of options available for social media ideas, your social feed should be interesting and unique. With the right social media post, you can offer value to your followers, then you get good results.

Give top priority to your followers, think about what your followers might like, and prepare a strategy accordingly. With the above-mentioned ideas, you are able to grow your social media followers and achieve your business goals.

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