How to Start a Podcast in 2021? A 3-Step Model for Newbies

Podcasts are becoming a new way of reaching out your audience and engaging them. People are becoming more convenient for podcasts. In 2020, 75% of Americans were aware of the existence of podcasts. iHeartRadio and National Public Radio in the USA had over 27 million and 25 million unique monthly audiences. 55% of Americans have listened to podcasts in 2020.

In Australia, podcast listening has increased to 32% in 2020. Moreover, in Australia, only 3% of marketers are using podcasts for their business, so a huge opportunity exists in the podcast market.

So, do you want to start your podcast?

Here’s a surefire model for you to get the answer to ‘how to start a podcast in 2021’.

Start a podcast in 2021

What is a Podcast?

The podcast is an online audio broadcast where you record something in audio and make it available on podcasting platforms. The interested audience finds you there and listens to your audio recordings.

Why Start Podcasting?

A podcast is like listening to the radio so some people feel easier to do their less concentrated work while listening to a podcast. So it’s a new medium to touch your audience’s ears, get connected with them, and get the desired action from them.

Following are the views of two famous bloggers about the benefits of podcasts:

So, How to Start a Podcast in 2021?

No more introduction and benefits now.

Without wasting your time, let’s move towards the actual model to start a podcast in 2021. Your podcast starting process is divided into three phases:

  1. Planning Phase: Here, you plan everything about your podcast
  2. Execution Phase: Here, you record and get your podcast in the final shape
  3. Promotion Phase: Here, you get listed your podcast in the famous podcast directories.

Let’s dive in for further details.

Planning Phase

Purpose of Your Podcast

74% of total Podcast listeners listen to podcasts to gain new knowledge and learn new things. So, you need to plan well what you want to provide to your podcast listeners. What value addition you can do for your audience.

The Topic of Your Podcast

Y0u must clarify and make a surefire plan on which topic you’re going to do a podcast. The topic of a podcast is very important as you need to evaluate whether this topic is attractive enough for your audience. Is this a topic your audience wants to listen to? So, specify your topic of the podcast and plan what you’re going to cover under this topic.

Title of Your Podcast

Title of the podcast must be attractive enough to get clicks from your audience. Your podcast title must be enough comprehensive to convey the correct sense about the podcast. There must not be a guess work about the topic of the podcast. No one is going to put attention to your podcast if the topic is not clear from the title in a first glance.

Keywords for Your Podcast

Whatever your topic is, you must do some homework to search what are the keywords or keyphrases that your target audience search. Your topic and the title are enough to create the sense about your podcast but you must know what specific words or phrases your target audience uses to search the topic on which you’re going to start a podcast.

Format of Your Podcast (Solo, Co-host or Interview)

You need to plan which format of the podcast you want to adopt. You want solo discussion, you like another host with whom you can discuss the things and take his/her point of view also, or you want to conduct an interview of any famous personality in the relevant field. So, according to your preferred podcast format, you will be planning your content and how to deliver that content.

Frequency of Your Podcasts

You need to have a deep analysis of the topic of your podcast. How you’re going to cover this topic. How many episodes this topic needs to cover it up comprehensively. Now you need to make a very important decision about the frequency of your podcasts. What’s feasible for you? Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly. When will you publish your next podcast? This question will be answered in your podcast to hook your audience and wait for your next podcast.

Execution Phase

After you have planned about all the necessary things from the purpose of your podcast to the topic to the title to keywords to format to the frequency of your frequency, now it’s the time to start your podcast. Let’s explore the execution steps for starting your podcast.

Studio microphone closeup.

Equipment for Your Podcast

You need a microphone or mic to record your audio. If you want a video podcast then you also need a high-quality video cam to record video also. Plugin your mic in your pc/laptop/tab/mobile and record your podcast.

Recording and Editing Software for Your Podcast

For recording your audio, you can use any recording software but some specific softwares are also available for recording your audio. Audacity or Zoom is good free resources for recording and editing your audio. 

Add Intro & Outro for Your Podcast

Intro and outro are very important for creating uniqueness and some brand awareness. Most of the podcasters use intro and outro to create brand awareness.

Designing a Cover Art for Your Podcast

Cover art is a photo that is shown along with your audio/video podcast. Make an attractive cover art having some keywords or attractive wording on it. Don’t clutter words on it, this will spoil the benefits of cover art.

Write a Description of Your Podcast

You need to write a description of your podcast when you will be uploading your podcast on your podcast host. Your description must be a comprehensive but brief introduction or summary of your podcast. It must be attractive to compel the reader to listen to your podcast. The description must contain the keywords and key phrases that you selected for your podcast in the planning phase.

Upload Your Podcast to Your Podcast Host

To host your podcast, you need a podcast host. Many platforms or podcast hosts are available to choose and you’re good to publish your first podcast.

Attractive Young Woman Making Online Podcast Radio Talk Show

Promotion Phase

After recording, editing and publishing your podcast on your podcast host, it’s time to promote your podcast so that it can reach your target audience.

Get Listed in Top Podcast Directories

There are many podcast directories that people use to search for podcasts. According to statista, 31% of Americans use Spotify making it the most popular platform for adults. There’re a number of podcast directories where you can get your podcast listed so that your podcast is available to the vast majority of podcast audiences through these platforms. Some famous podcast directories are Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc.

Publish Your Podcast on Your Website

If you don’t have a personal blog or website already, it’s recommended that you should start your blog. You can share your podcast on your website and with proper SEO, you can get traffic on your website/blog.

Share Your Podcast with Family and Friends

You can share your podcast with your family and friends with a request to further share with their communities and groups. First, you need to convey your podcast to the right audience and then with a solid audience-base, your target audience will search your podcast.

Upload Video Copy of Your Podcast on Youtube

If you have recorded video also, then it’s the best option to upload your podcast on your personal youtube channel. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Google often shows youtube videos in search results.

Publish Podcast Transcription as a Blog Post

Most people don’t care about this way of sharing your knowledge and message. You can publish the transcript of your podcast on your blog as a blog post. When you intend to reach your target audience then try to deploy all possible mediums. Blog posts are also a powerful medium to reach your audience.

Share and Promote on Social Media

No one can deny the power of social media these days. It’s much recommended to share your podcast on your social media accounts. If you have a budget, you may also promote your podcast with social media marketing. It will increase the reach of your podcast to your targeted audience.

Post on Quora/Reddit as an Answer

Quora and Reddit are the giants with a heavy presence of people searching for new knowledge or searching solutions for their issues. You can give answers to relevant questions and place the link of your podcast as a reference.

Partner with Relevant Blog or Youtube Channel

You can contact a heavy traffic blog/website’s owner to promote your podcast on his/her blog. You may have to pay some price for this placement, but after building some audience, you can also offer to advertise their blog/website in your podcast.

Run Specialized Ads on Podcasting Apps

If you have a budget, you can run paid ads on some podcast listening apps. It will be a direct advertisement to reach your target audience.

It’s the Time to Plan, Execute and Promote

So, after getting the answer to your question, “how to start a podcast in 2021”, what are you thinking now? 

It’s time to take action for your podcast. Say good-bye to procrastination and take steps from the planning phase and move forward to execution and promotion phases.

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