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The Gaps In Your Teeth – Website Security You Can’t Ignore!

Many small business owners are unaware of the importance of making sure your website is secure. There can be many factors that affect this but one of the most common factors are a poor choice of settings. Recently we were contacted by a client who’s website was being bombarded with junk and spam comments. When I say bombarded this client had over 900 comments in a 24 hour period for everything from bitcoin to sex pills.

The main issue here was not so much the spam comments none of them got through to the actual website as all were held for moderation. The issue was that the client didn’t have any need for comments to even be turned on in their website. If comments had been disabled this would not have happened. On top of this, the client also had the ability for people to register on their site enabled. This registration ability was once again not needed as the client had no user content requiring that feature.

Luckily for the client, we were able to jump into their website and clean it up as well as secure the site better. This is something that should have been done by the website developer who built the site. At the very least the developer should have educated the client on this being a possibility. The client is now on one of our new WordPress Care Plans and is receiving the correct education and advice they need to succeed.

The Key Takeaways.

  1. Make sure you understand the basics of your website and if you have questions about something ask your developer. If you can’t ask them to join our FREE facebook support group and ask them there. Alternatively, you can also jump on one of our upcoming FREE webinars and we will answer them live.
  2. If your website has no need for a feature to be turned on make sure you get your developer to turn it off. There is no point having un-necessary items enabled if you’re not using them as they are just leaving you vulnerable to this type of annoying attack.
  3. The best thing you can do is keep your website up to date and well maintained. This will not only help with load times and keeping things running smoothly it will protect your website investment. If your not sure about how to maintain your website or what types of things you need to look at contact us we’d love to help.