The Online Concept Podcast

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Welcome to The Online Concept Podcast, a podcast created for business owners that are growing their business online. Each episode we will tackle a problem facing business owners online and provide relevant advice based on my 20+ years of experience online. Hi, my name is Martin Mills and through my past 20 years I have worked online creating websites for small and medium business owners in Australia through my business Conceptual Creative and as a freelancer. Over the years I have learned that many business owners leave so much money on the table simply because they don’t know how to be successful with online business growth tools.

As I grow the library of podcasts I hope that it will become an invaluable part of your online business toolkit. I plan to utilise articles, cheat sheets, tools, reviews, interviews and news items to help educate you the business owner. My aim is to help your business grow and I would love to hear your success stories. You can email me  with any requests for information or suggestions for improving the show. For now please enjoy The Online Concept Podcast.