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Martin Mills

Martin is our company director and resident WordPress website and online marketing guru. With over 25 years of creative industry experience his articles on marketing, WordPress and technology will leave you with more knowledge in your toolkit.

Top 5 Tips For Business Owners To Stay Visible Online In Tough Times

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In this special episode Martin from The Online Concept Podcast and Tabitha from the Bite Sized Branding Podcast talk about how you can keep your business visible in these tough economic times. Get our top 5 tips to stay visible.


Podcast Name: The Online Concept
Episode Number: 3

Our top 5 tips for showing up in these difficult economic times. 

  1. Let your existing clientele and followers know that your open for business. Send out an email campaign. Offer a special deal or something to generate revenue. Share your offer and open for business notification across all of your online platforms. 
  2. Block out time to create content for your website. Landing pages, blog articles, podcasts, video content. Create content that establishes your brand whether the business entity or personal brand. Content strategy for your website is a long game and whilst you have the extra time available start creating content for the future. Repurpose content to create multiple content posts. 
  3. Audit your online presence. On your computer – open up your online presences – so website, facebook, twitter, insta – what ever you have.  Check that you are using the latest version of your logo and or profile pictures across all platforms. Maybe take the time to create a new cover image to use across them all so that there is a unity to it. The best tools that we have found to do this is Canva – now one of the best things with Canva is that you don’t have to have a paid account, but there are some benefits if you do. If you have a paid account you can set up your brand kit which means you can upload your brand colours, fonts and logo so that it is super easy to stay constant. 
  4. Create and schedule some consistent posts. Pick a time, day and stick to it. You might find that you can create 2 posts and once a week is all you can commit to then that’s what you do. If you can do 5 then maybe do one a day and stick to that. People may not always engage with your posts – often we have found that they are watching silently in the background. If you disappear then they will think oh maybe you aren’t doing this any more. Stay consistent!
  5. Find your support group. It is important to be surrounded by business owners with similar goals even when things are going great. Benefits of a networking group. Networking in the current times. Building your business through referral marketing. Why we chose to work with BNI as our networking group. How you can get involved. BNI is like one big business family of support. 

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