Video Content For Websites 101

Using Video For Your Website

If a picture says a thousand words how many does a video say? With faster internet and global web access becoming more and more affordable the use of video on websites has also increased. Video items can take your average or non-performing website and breathe fresh life and growth into it.

In this article we are going to look at creating a video for websites.

Video Stabilizer Operator
Video can breath new life into your non-performing website

Creating Videos For Websites

Creating videos for your websites can be both an enjoyable and rewarding part of your website process. Videos on your website can be used to convey so many different things to your end-users including the following great options:

  • Interviews with staff members
  • Testimonial videos with your clients
  • Product and service infomercials
  • Tutorials and training videos
  • Introduction or explainer videos
  • Much more…

Just by creating videos for your pages and posts or creating tutorial videos or vlogs for your regular content you will find that your overall reach and SEO will increase. Video content is exciting and engaging for your website visitors. Let’s break down some of the suggested video options from above and give you a little bit of guidance on each one.

Interviews are a great way to let your website visitors learn more about the staff they deal with on a regular basis. This type of video is inexpensive to produce and can even be recorded in house using nothing more than a mobile phone. The main benefit of this type of video is to connect with your website visitor and make them feel closer to your brand.

Testimonial videos are an amazing way to connect with new website visitors that have never purchased from your business before. Imagine your on a website for the first time you are looking at hiring that company or purchasing a product or service from them. Your scrolling through the site and you find testimonial videos from actual clients of the business expressing their positive thoughts on your services and products. Do you think this type of video would connect with that user and help to sell your brand? This type of video could also be produced in house on a mobile phone or your clients can easily record their own testimonials on their phones.

Showing shopping on a video
Product and service infomercials can help to build and establish a new customer base across several platforms.

Product and service infomercials are going to allow your website visitors to learn more about your products and services. These types of videos are cost-effective and can really help to sell your business items. This type of video is particularly effective especially with explaining more complex products and services that your visitors may not fully understand.

Tutorials and training videos are a great way to make your products and services about your visitors and customers. Nothing engages a visitor more than teaching them how to do something that they otherwise would not be able to do. This type of video empowers it’s viewers and helps to position your brand as the expert in your field. These types of videos can be created with any video capable camera or screen recording software.

Introduction or explainer videos serve to introduce a product, service, page or post and also helps to explain various aspects of the surrounding content. Whilst the introduction videos can easily be created with a video-enabled device often an explainer video uses specialised software or sometimes the use of a third party animator or producer.

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