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Website Analytics & Tracking Your Visitors!

Website analytics – It is important to know where your clients are coming from when they visit your website. This will allow you to make smart and educated marketing decisions in the future. Google Website Analytics is the most commonly used analytics tool you must have on your website. Google Website Analytics allows you to track where your clients are coming from and what they are doing once they reach your website. Google Analytics tracks the following types of information and presents it visually to you:

– Referral Source (where they came from)

– Behaviour (what they looked at)

– Time On Site (how long they stayed on your site)

– Geographical Information (where they physically are located)

– Demographical information (the details that make up the person. age, gender etc)

– Interests (what the visitor is interested in based on other sites they have visited) 

– Goals Achieved(if you have set goals whether they were achieved) 

All of this information helps you to build a profile of the visitors to your website as well as to check if your targeted advertising is attracting the right market to your website. Unlike other aspects of Google services, the basic analytics suite is 100% FREE however as with most things these days you can pay for services provided by analytics and additional functionality.

At the very least you should make sure that your website designer or developer has installed the Google Analytics tracking code on your website. This should not cost you much if anything to have done at the time of getting your website build but you might get charged for the time taken to include it if done after the fact.

TIP – If you’re running a WordPress based website you can install plugins on your website that will show your Google Analytics statistics right on your dashboard. There are also plugins you can use to add the tracking code yourself with the minimal technical knowledge required.  

Marketing Utilising Analytics!

Now that you have Google Analytics Data available its time to take the next step and use that data for good quality marketing. To take it further we recommend installing a Facebook Pixel on your website. The facebook pixel works similarly to the Google Analytics tracking but with one significant difference. The Facebook pixel lets you use the data collected to create custom target Facebook advertising.

You know how it is your looking for a new car online so you go via a few dealership websites and look at a few cars. Next thing you’re on Facebook catching up with the goings-on of the world and bam there’s an ad for the car or dealership you were looking at. This is the Facebook Pixel at work.

You may think but I see similar ads on other websites as well not just Facebook. This is the work of Google Analytics and their platform called remarketing. This is typically a more cost-effective way to market your business as opposed to blanket marketing because the potential client is already showing an interest in your brand and product.

There are also great plugins and articles in the help and support section of Facebook for installing and obtaining your Facebook pixel. We suggest doing a Google Search for “Facebook Pixel”

We are not going to cover the specifics of remarketing and Facebook advertising in here but keep up to date with our articles on our website blog or learn more in our free Facebook support group