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Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation – Speed And Load Times!

There are many aspects of website optimisation but the most important part of this is speed and loading times. 

Studies show that the current website visitor has an attention span of between 6 and 8 seconds. This means that you have approximately 7 seconds at the most to make a great first impression. You can have the best-looking website in the world but if your client gets bored waiting for it to load they will never see it.

The first website optimisation step you need to do is check your website load speed. You can do this by using a couple of free online tools.  


This is a great way to test your website optimisation for its load times and also has the added bonus of providing you with your Google page speed scores and a few others. The tool is free to use and you simply enter your website address and click the analyze button. You then wait a few minutes depending on load to the GT-Metrix site and you will be presented with a detailed report. The important summary items are generally shown at the top of the report page.

Pingdom Speed Test:

Similar to the previous tool but with one key addition. With Pingdom, you can generally choose from a few different servers to test from meaning you can choose one closest to your geographic location. This will give you results more accurately to your location. The drawback with this platform is that you don’t get quite as in-depth reporting.

TIP – By testing your site with both tools shown above you will get a more accurate speed test and detailed reporting. Similar to getting a second opinion from a doctor this is a second opinion speed test. 

Website Speed Case Study!

Recently we had a client come to us with a slow performing website. This clients website has a large amount of video and multimedia on the front page and as such total website size was over 30mb in size. To give you an idea the average website homepage is between 2mb and 5mb in size. 

The client’s website was loading in over 15 seconds and as you can imagine this would be costing the client business. We performed some basic speed optimization on their website and after a bit of work we got the load times down to just over 7 seconds. Whilst we would love to see the website load faster there are other factors at play in this particular case. 

Ultimately the client’s website now loads in half the time and with a few future tweaks we see the client’s website loading in between 4 and 6 seconds. 

Other Ways To Make Your Website Fly! 

There are several factors that impact on website load times we have outlined a few of those below.

– Website Image and Video Sizes

– Website Hosting Plan

– Website Server Location 

Website Image And Video Sizes

Most website platforms offer some form of either compression software or plugin. There are also several websites that you can use to optimize these items for online display. Every little bit of size you take away makes your website load faster. 

Website Optimisation – Hosting Plans

Many business owners only look at two factors when choosing website hosting. These factors are cost and size but ultimately saving a few dollars and going with a big hosting plan is not necessarily the best way to go. Often cheap website hosting plans mean that your website is crammed onto a server with hundreds or thousands of other websites. This means if traffic picks up or something goes wrong with one of those other sites your website performance could be impacted. 

Most website owners look at the fact a plan has unlimited storage and bandwidth and think perfect however in most cases this is overkill and surplus to the needs of the business. The average website we deal with for a medium-sized business only needs between 2gb and 4gb of storage less if using exchange or g-suite based email. Most websites also only use about 4gb of bandwidth per month at the most.

Website Optimisation – Server Locations

Finally, if your clients are mostly residing in Australia then why would you choose to host your website overseas. All this does is increase your load times and access times for people in your market. By choosing a local website hosting agency you might pay a little more but you could save large amounts of load times. 

TIP – Shop around for quality Australian website hosting and you will be surprised by the difference it makes to your overall website optimization and load times. Looking for recommendations reach out in our Facebook group or call us.