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Website Tips Series – Tip 5 More Windows
Tip 5 More Windows
Tip 5 More Windows

Website Tips Series – Tip 5 More Windows – Transcript

[00:00:01] Hi it’s Martin from Conceptual Creative. And today we are here to deliver a video in our Website Tips series. Each video in the series covers a single topic and is no longer than a couple of minutes in length. We plan to release a new video in this series every week for the next 10 weeks on our website at and also on our sister site at If you have any questions or want to learn about something specific why not reach out to us via email [email protected]. For now, lets look at this week’s Tip.

[00:00:48] In the last video we looked at font size and optimization. Now it’s time to move on from the optimization and visual for a few minutes and look at windows and keeping clients on your site. A lot of the items we discuss in these videos come down to a lack of education and planning in the initial stages or perhaps a lack of guidance from your website developer. When planning your website and its content your aim should be first and foremost to keep a visitor on your site as long as possible. One of the biggest enemies to this is opening too many links in new windows. Now just to clarify I don’t mean opening things in a new tab as most Website users are used to tabs now on desktop machines at least opening links in a new window happens when someone clicks a link on your Web site and a completely new window opens.

[00:01:49] Your visitors are being redirected to a new window and that window has no back buttons or options to return back to your website. On a desktop computer this can be frustrating but on a mobile device, it can be a downright killer for conversion rates. On mobile devices, each one of these new Windows uses additional memory eventually slowing down the device. Slow devices make for poor user experience and increase loss in traffic. Additionally using the Internet and Web browsers on mobile devices are completely different from that of a desktop device. A new window on a mobile device can make some users not be able to return at all.

[00:02:37] The easiest way to make sure you are not making this happen too often is to plan your website well and for each link ask whether it is necessary to have a new window or not. We do understand that certain items and files will open in a new tab or window such as P.D.F. files. However, there are ways you can force these files to download or embed them in the website as scrollable content. As a general rule when planning your content the less opens in New windows the better. If you’re worried about people getting lost on your site use a breadcrumb system to help them navigate easier.

[00:03:17] We hope you’re enjoying our weekly tips series. This concludes this video and we are now halfway through the initial 10 videos in this series. We would love to know how you find the content. If you have questions or feedback please reach out to us via e-mail [email protected] In our next video, we will be taking this topic further and talking about external links and social media.