What CMS Is Best For Your Business

Are you looking for software that allows you to build a website for your brand? Or an operating system for your organization’s database? You should be searching for the right CMS for your business.

Nowadays, due to the thriving technology, there’s a lot of CMS that you can use. But finding the one that would fit your business is challenging. You might be wondering, how can a CMS help me in my business? Or if you just heard about it, what is CMS in the first place?

So, let’s understand what a CMS is, what are the types of CMS, and what are the common CMS platforms that you can use for your business growth.

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems or CMS is software that allows you to create and manage digital website content from a user-friendly interface. Its goal is to make the lives of content creators and non-technical users easier. Before, if you don’t know coding or programming, it will be difficult for you to build up your website and publish your content. But because of CMS, it is now possible.

Most CMS tools started as a blogging platform that later became all-in-one solution application systems. Now, it can be classified into two: Web CMS and Enterprise CMS. Both are relevant for content creation and user management to provide a seamless customer experience.

Web Content Management System

WCMS is the digital experience platform. Through its handy features, you can simply create, edit, and display your website idea. It also allows you to manage and enhance your website’s performance based on customer behavior for continuous improvement to meet your business goals.

There are various types of WCMS.

Open-Source CMS

We can say that open-source CMS are community platforms. It is because these are not managed by only one person or company. Mostly, they are software systems administered and maintained by a group of developers. But the real catch here is that they are usually free!

Here are some top open-source WCM that you can consider.

  • WordPress

WordPress is considered the top WCM in line. It is a free and open-source platform that allows you to have design freedom. It is great for non-technical users since it has easy-to-use built-in features and themes that you can expand through an array of plugins to have extra functionality.

Also, if you’re doing search engine optimization, it can be a great building platform to use. It has SEO tools that you can use to improve your digital marketing strategies. It has been developed to be search engine friendly. Plus you can connect it with analytics tools like Google Analytics or Bing Webmaster Tools to track and monitor your website’s performance.

But take note, with WordPress, you may need to set up your web hosting and custom domain. And it is not designed to run high-performance websites. 

  • Drupal

It is also one of the known open-source CMS. But unlike WordPress, you need to have at least the fundamentals of the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, and PHP. It is a great CMS for a developer or a marketing team. It is highly recommended if you’re aiming to have revved-up websites.

  • Joomla

Joomla is an open-source platform that is often portrayed as a mix of both WordPress and Drupal. Yes, it is a CMS that is easy to use for content creators. However, it’s not the usual option like the other two because it has inadequate functions and features, and it has known security risks concerns. But if you’re a non-technical user and want a simple way of building up your website, Joomla is still a good choice of platform.

eCommerce CMS

An eCommerce content management system is a go-to platform for business owners who want to have online sales. We can say it is like a retail store in the digital world. With the proper setup of marketing automation and payment gateways, selling on the web becomes smooth and uncomplicated.

Looking for eCommerce platforms? Check out the following.

  • Magneto

Magneto is a CMS platform developed by Adobe. It is known for offering both open-source and eCommerce platforms: Magneto OS and Magneto Commerce. It allows users to easily customize and handle their online stores. It has standard designs that are available for custom development to have more presentable and structured content.

  • Shopify

If you are a startup entrepreneur or a small business owner who tries to bring your physical store online, Shopify is the best option. It is a hosted eCommerce CMS that is easy to use and has amazing shopping cart features. It has a great integration system with payment gateways and other channels.

  • WooCommerce

It is somewhat similar to Magneto. It runs as an open-source and eCommerce tool. Why is that? It is because it is a WordPress plugin. It is the reason why WordPress turns into online retail. Even though it is just a plugin, you cannot undervalue its capacity because it has all WordPress functions and features.

  • BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the well-known eCommerce CMS. It is usually recommended for beginners as it is easy to start with. You can use their free domain or purchase your custom domain. Though it has limited themes and integrations, it is fully hosted and ensures the security and backups of your website.

Website Builders

Though most WCMS already have options to build a website, a website builder has a custom solution. These are platforms designed with pre-set elements that help you create a functional website. Most website builders use the drag-and-drop builder which allows you to modify your pages easily.

What are the recommended website builders today?

  •  Wix

Wix is one of the most popular website builders nowadays. It offers a free domain and pre-made themes that allow you to create your site in a few clicks.  Another good feature it has is that it automatically optimizes pages for mobile devices and spontaneous security patches. But take note, you may need to upgrade to a basic plan for you to have your personal domain and remove the Wix ads from your website. Most freelancers and content creators start with Wix.

  • Weebly

Weebly may be a website builder that you may already have heard of. It is a platform that uses a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to add and remove content easily. Another thing to consider about it is that even though it has a free option, you have a wide range of plans to choose from if you decide to upgrade and unlock additional features.

  • Squarespace

It is an integrated website builder and a hosting service. It is normally recommended if you want your website to look more professional and elite. Same to other website builders, the drag-and-drop format enables you to build your site from scratch without any difficulty.

  • Hubspot CMS Hub

Hubspot itself is recognized as one of the best marketing automation platforms. But Hubspot CMS Hub is also an exceptional website builder. It primarily has the essential tools to create astounding websites focused to meet customer expectations. It also has integration capabilities that enable you to check and analyze your site.

Enterprise Content Management System

Enterprise Content Management System is the software system that allows you to manage files beneficial for your business operations. Its core functionality is to keep an organized and systematic process in your company. It includes safeguarding the organization’s word docs, spreadsheets, PDF files, images and videos, and many more. 

It has a wide range of coverage, from web content management to record management until workflow management. This is essential especially for big organizations so they put all essential and relevant content in one place. Later on, they can also update and share those content to other related channels.


After seeing a lot of options to go to, the CMS decision-making process is indeed overwhelming. But to make the selection process easier, always remember that there’s no perfect CMS. Identifying the best CMS depends on your business plan. Set your goals and target for you to choose the right CMS for you.

If you want to know more about CMS, or you want somebody to take care of that for you, Conceptual Creative whole-heartily welcomes you. We will be delighted and privileged to help you. If you are interested, feel free to send us a message!

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