What To Look For in A Great Web Designer? Ultimate Guide 2021

About 4.5 billion people worldwide use the internet and 82% of internet users search products or services to buy online. (Hootsuite)

Would you also like to have your business’s presence over the internet?

Then, your website is the first step towards your online presence.

To have a website, you need a web designer to design your website.

But you’re going to be in trouble if your website’s design and structure is not according to the latest best practices for the core web vitals that are going to be one of the ranking factors in Google.

You need to search a great web designer that can offer you the best quality website design. Your website is going to be the first impression of your business to the visitors. So, no compromise, no negotiation on the quality of your business website.

Here, you’re going to read what to look for in a great web designer. This guide will help you to understand what are the most important things to consider while hiring a web designer. You will surely get extensive knowledge about the qualities of a great web designer.

What To Look For in A Great Web Designer?
What To Look For in A Great Web Designer?

So, What To Look For in A Great Web Designer?

You’re going to explore 16 qualities of a great web designer that you must observe before giving your website designing work. All these are equally important, so put focus on all of them collectively.

#1. Willing to Explore Your Business and Your Industry Norms

Nobody knows more about your business than you. So, a great web designer must have an eagerness to fully explore and understand your business before going towards the next step of planning and execution. Without a proper understanding, no one can offer a product that you really want.

#2. Solid Planning and Strategies to Achieve the Goal

You must observe the web designer’s way of planning about your website’s design. You must be aware whether the web designer has a documented design process or there’s a project management software in place for that purpose. The web designer must have a system of documenting all of your requirements and given information in a systematic way that is easily accessible afterwards on a need basis. A great web designer must have solid planning and clear strategies to achieve the goal of a wonderful website for your business.

#3. Ability to Recommend the Best Industry Practices

Website designing is not your business, so you may not have an extensive knowledge about the best industry practices. It’s the responsibility of the web designer to recommend the best industry norms for your website. A website designer must be able to focus on the betterment and refinement of your ideas that you’re offering for your website.

#4. Clear Timeframe and Deadline For Your Work

A great web designer must be able to visualize all the designing steps for your website leading to clear understanding about the completion time of the website. The website designer should give a clear cut deadline about the completion of your website design. This shows the expertise and the command on the work. It helps to remove any ambiguities and misunderstandings. You may also have a deadline for the completion of your website to make it live at a certain date. So, a clear timeframe and deadline for completion of website design work is very important.

#5. Relevant Portfolio or Demo Templates for Your Business

Does the web designer have any prior experience of designing websites in your industry? You can check the portfolio and decide about the quality of work including navigation, structure, and user experience. If the web designer doesn’t have any relevant portfolio of designing websites in your specific industry, does the web designer can offer demo templates for your website? Is the web designer able to offer you some samples in the finished form to demonstrate what type of website you are going to get?

#6. Expertise in the Content Management System That You Want

Many Content Management Systems (CMS) are used for website designing. If you want your website in a specific CMS, does the web designer have enough expertise in that CMS to build a quality website for you? For example, WordPress is the #1 CMS in the market empowering 39% of total websites on the internet and has 64% CMS market share. If you also want to follow what 39% websites’ owners are following, confirm that the web designer has expertise in designing websites with WordPress. Check the portfolio of the web designer and make sure that the web designer designs the websites in WordPress.

#7. Responsive Web Design

According to Statista, “In 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide stood at 6.95 billion”.     91% of mobile users use the internet. So, Google is also preferring the websites that are able to offer a responsive mobile-friendly design to the mobile phone users. Google’s Mobile-First Indexing has made the website responsiveness to the mobile devices inevitable. A great web designer must be able to offer a website design that is 100% responsive to different devices. Although a website is designed on desktop or laptop, you must be assured that the final version of your website will be mobile-friendly and responsive to all devices.

#8. Understanding of Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the hottest issue of all the websites. SEO means to make your website the best of the best according to the search engines (Google, Bing etc.) best practices. So that the search engines can show your website in the top results of the first page against the relevant search queries. A great web designer must be knowledgeable about the SEO best practices so that your website has all the qualities to be SEO-friendly. The web designer must offer some services regarding SEO strategies like image optimization and compression, image alt tagging, mobile-friendliness, and keyword research to help your website rank higher on Google.

#9. Knowledge About Conversion and Conversion Rate Optimization

If your website is not just for entertainment, it must have some purpose with monetization intent. So, some specific course of action may be required from the visitors of your website. To get a specific desired action from the visitors of your website is referred to as conversion. A great web designer must have a thorough knowledge about conversion rate optimization. It’s a web designer who has to offer you the best industry practices to increase your conversion rate. If not fully but to some extent, the web designer must have know-how about conversions rate optimization. The website designer must be able to suggest to you what works best and what does not in your industry.

#10. Hosting Services for Your Website

Hosting is simply a house for your website. Many people avoid engaging a separate organization for website designing and a separate organization for website hosting services. The possible drawback may be that for website load speed optimization, web designers may blame that your hosting is causing issues and the hosting provider may blame that your website design is causing problems for website page load speed. To resolve such problems in future, just ask the web designer if hosting services are also available or not. If a web designer offers hosting services also then make a clear cut separate contract for hosting services and clear about the uptime, hosting servers and other technical details to avoid any problem in future.

Hosting services are an important thing to look for in a great web designer.
Hosting services are an important thing to look for in a great web designer.

#11. Website Load Time Optimization

A great web design must be able to reduce website load time according to the best practices. It’s very clear that page load speed is also a ranking factor for Google search results. The website designer must be able to attentive towards all the technicalities to keep the page load speed at minimum. Discuss and make sure that the web designer is knowledgeable about compression, minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, reducing redirects, removing render-blocking JavaScript, leveraging browser caching, improving server response time and using a content distribution network (CDN).

#12. Graphics Designing

You know the graphics are more powerful to convey your message than just texts. If you’re not a graphic designer, ask the web designer if graphic designing services are available for your website. A great website designer may have graphic designing services that’s a good privilege for you. You must clarify with the web designer that all the graphics designed for your website will be your property and the web designer cannot claim those graphics afterwards.

#13. Revisions After Completion of the Website

Once your website design is completed, how many revisions the web designer allows you? For example, if you want to change some graphics or website copy, how many revisions the web designer offers you without extra charges? This must be clarified with the web designer in advance so that in future you’re not disappointed if the web designer refuses to revise without charges. A great web designer must specifically clear how many revisions are allowed after completion of website design and what comes under the maintenance contract. These are very important terms and conditions need to be agreed in advance.

#14. Website Maintenance, Backups and Security

Once your website design is completed, the next big burden is website regular maintenance and updation. A great web designer must be able to offer regular website maintenance services. You must be clear about what comes under maintenance services and for which tasks the web designer may charge extra money. Website security is the biggest worry these days. Many hackers are there to hunt websites without security measures and easy controls. A great web designer must implement the security measures to prevent any hackers attacks. The website designer must also provide the facility of regular backups for any unexpected bugs or errors in code. 

#15. Regular Support and Emergency Support

After completion of a website design, what if a bug disturbs the website code or website design? Will the web designer be available for urgent support and issue resolving? A great web designer must be vigilant and alert to the bugs or errors in website code or design. Sometimes some minor bugs or errors in the functionality of some features can be resolved in seconds but the emergency support from the web designer is required.

#16. Cost of the Website and Web Designer’s Concern for You

After focusing on all the necessary quality matters about website designing, the cost is a crucial factor. Is the cost of the website design within your budget? What if the cost is out of your budget and you still want the highest quality work for your website? A great web designer must show some concern to the clients and offer some relaxing facilities in such conditions. For example, leasing or any similar delayed payments terms and conditions.

Wrapping Up!

After reading this ultimate guide, you must have some ideas what to look for in a great web designer. These are the most important factors that you must consider before finalizing the contract for your website designing.

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