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What type of website do I need? Static, Shop, Informational

I hear this question a lot “what type of website do I need?”there is so many options out there for building a website these days so lets clear up a few things. Lets look at a few different types of websites and where they fit the best.

Static Websites are still fairly common and they do serve a purpose out there but they lack a few key things. A static website is pretty much a standard website with no dynamic content. It has a great use for small websites where the content is changed infrequently.

Dynamic Websites are the most common website seen online these days. They are often driven by a content management system and are regularly updated with new and refreshing content. If you are looking to operate a blog or provide regular information content to your audience then in most cases this is the website for you.

Shop Website / Ecommerce Website is the type of website that you need when you have products to sell. Whether your a small bricks and mortar store or a hobbyist looking to sell your goods this is the site you will need. A website like this will allow you to trade 24/7 and generate income you usually would not achieve in store.

So what type of website do I need? How do I work it out?

When trying to work out what type of website you need simply work through these 3 easy questions.

  1. Do you plan to write blog articles regularly? If you said no to this then a static website will work fine.
  2. Do you plan to sell products online? if you said no to this but still plan to write blog articles and regular content you need a dynamic website.
  3. If you plan to sell products online you will need an e-commerce website. This will help you to sell your products online and grow your business.