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Why Ignoring WordPress Maintenance Will Cost You Time And Sales

Ignorance is bliss unless it is costing you time and money. That’s why ignoring WordPress maintenance will end up being one of the worst decision you can make in your business.

With the ease of use of the WordPress content management system getting easier by the year, there is no excuse for not performing at least basic maintenance on your site. Whilst and as many of my clients say “I’m not techo” might seem a valid excuse it really isn’t. Website maintenance that you can perform yourself will save you countless hours of stress, save you money and help you generate sales.

I have seen first hand so many website owners who just figured that their website was fine and someone was updating it. Those same business owners are usually the first to complain when something goes wrong with their website.

Case Study: My Shop Isn’t Working.

I recently had a past client contact me to say that the shipping options on their website had stopped working. I took a quick look at the website in question and soon realised that it had not had much maintenance performed on it since it was built. Additionally, the maintenance that had been performed was only when forced on the business owner.

The consequences of this are that now the client’s website doesn’t behave as intended. The client asked me for a quote which was provided. The client responded by saying that the quote was not what was asked for, however, the client failed to take into account the steps that needed to be completed to fix the issue. Firstly the site was out of date by at least 6 months (I have seen websites in a worse position but they were not shops) which is never an easy fix as often technology has changed a lot in that time.

Additionally, this client had an e-commerce shop built into the website which requires additional maintenance to remain optimal. E-commerce platforms often need database updates and maintenance, optimisation and a whole pile of other maintenance. On top of this, an e-commerce website that is that far out of date can crash during update and lose data if not handled properly.

I quoted for the client to move to one of our WordPress Care Plans enabling us to look after the updates both now and into the future. Additionally, I quoted for the client to move hosting to our servers because I know that the current hosting is inadequate. You see the current hosting provider does not allow backups without paying for them.

Imagine the risk involved with updating an out of date e-commerce website without first backing this up properly at the account level. Consequently, the client didn’t understand this and did not proceed with the work.

The moral of the story here is that this client will have to decide between 1 of 2 options here.

Option 1, they continue to operate the out of date site with the faulty shipping options and potentially other failures that will arise. Potentially this will cause a loss of sales progressively until the website eventually fails.

Option 2, have someone perform the updates without going through correct procedures and take a chance on the site being fixed or the site failing completely. Sadly many business owners just don’t understand the risks involved with not doing things properly.