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Why Most Small Business Websites Fail

When it comes to running a small business today every business owner knows a website is critical to their success. But why do most small business websites fail? In this article, I am going to tell you exactly what the biggest contributing factors to failure are.

Lack of Planning

One of the biggest and most easily fixed issues is a lack of planning. Many business owners know that they need a website and think its just one of those things that magically happens. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Website’s don’t just happen they are part of a process and quite an in-depth process. That process starts with planning everything from what pages will be included in the content for those pages.If you want to give your business the biggest chance to succeed then you need to be planning for that success. It doesn’t have to be difficult just grab a pen and paper and start making notes of what you want to achieve and what the website needs to have. The best thing is it is never too late to plan even if you have a website you can do up a plan now and then start to implement it moving forward.

Lack of Clarity

Even having a great website plan won’t save you if you’re not clear about your business. A website is part of your online marketing strategy and if that is not clear then sadly your message will be lost. Your online strategy consists of several sections such as who, what and why. It also covers how you’re going to attract clients, nurture them and convert them into sales.Make sure you get clear on this because it is fundamental to your success. We have written an article about cracking the online strategy code and run workshops on planning this exact thing.

Lack of Focus

Believe it or not, the biggest reason for failure with small business websites is a lack of focus from the business owner. Many times we have business owners start a project with the best intentions but once they realize the process get bored or unfocused. This item alone has killed many business websites and left them unfinished.Website’s are an ongoing process not just during the build process but ongoing. You see for a website to be successful they need to be constantly maintained, constantly changed and constantly fed with new content.

Technical Failure

The second biggest reason websites fail is technology itself. You see a website is a digital machine made up of many components working together. Many business owners think you build a website once and it’s done but that is not the case. A website like any other machine needs regular maintenance that can take several hours a month depending on the size of the website. On top of that, you need to keep it secure and make sure it’s loading quickly.If you overlook the maintenance of a website it will eventually collapse and leave you out of pocket. We recommend to our clients that website maintenance is performed at a minimum monthly and a website refresh performed every 18 – 24 months minimum. How old is your website and when was it last maintained and by who? If you can’t answer any of those questions with confidence I suggest you seek help from a professional as soon as possible.

Key Take Aways

  1. Make sure to plan your website properly before you start building it.
  2. Get clear on your audience and your business before you start a website.
  3. Understand that a website is an ongoing process that you need to be present for.
  4. That technical failure can be prevented but you need to be proactive.