Why We Use WordPress For Client Websites.

WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) designed for ease of use with powerful functionality. One of the most common things we get asked as WordPress specialists are why we choose to work with the WordPress platform. I have thought long and hard about this question and I thought I would share the main reasons we like to work with the platform.

There are many reasons why we choose to work with the platform from a clients perspective, check out last weeks article the top 10 reasons to build with WordPress. But what exactly are the reasons we like to work with it?


WordPress is currently the most popular and largest CMS in the world. From our perspective, this means that we have peace of mind that our clients can always get support for their website from our team or other developers if need be. It is important for our team to make sure that our clients are always number one in the equation and popularity means to support. 

It’s not just support for our clients but also for our team. Sometimes clients come to us with strange problems or out of the normal requests for features, this sometimes means that we need to research things in order to complete a task. The massive online global community of WordPress developers are some of the friendliest and helpful people on the planet and are usually willing to help developers and end-users alike.

Room To Grow.

WordPress gives our clients the room to grow their business online and provides us with the ability to rapidly add features for clients. With a growing plugin repository and new features being developed and added regularly WordPress is a robust online platform. By utilising WordPress for our clients we can deploy their website much quicker saving our clients both time and money.

Using the plugin repository with over 55,000 available plugins we can help our clients grow online with everything from electronic shopping to learning systems, membership platforms, event booking systems and just about anything else they need to grow.

WordPress is an ever-evolving platform and this can only mean great things for our industry and big wins for our clients. When you’re looking to choose a platform for your website I would think that room to grow should be a top priority, after all, you didn’t get into business to fail.


WordPress as a base platform is extremely powerful and flexible. This means that as a platform it can perform so many different online rolls. Whether you’re looking for an information website, an eCommerce website, an e-learning website, membership website, event website and many more, WordPress can perform all of these roles. As an end-user, this is great for flexibility but as a developer, it saves us time and helps us to save our clients money.

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Affordable Entry Point.

Many business owners start out with WordPress because it is affordable and helps to lower the barriers to entry for a business getting online. WordPress has lower setup costs than most other platforms including the large online platforms used by many DIY business owners. Typically the ongoing maintenance and support costs for WordPress are also more affordable than other platforms.

These reduced costs can only be a good thing for developers who are looking to compete with overseas outsourcing. As a developer in this industry we are constantly faced with questions such as “XYZ company said they can build my website for…” and often these companies are using outsourced designers and developers from the other side of the world. Whilst this might be great for the wallet of the end-user they typically pay for it in support further down the track. Reduced costs on our end help us to remain competitively priced in the market place.


WordPress has a bad name from the past when it comes to security, however, the modern WordPress platform has evolved into being one of the most secure platforms available. Anytime you have a full-featured platform such as WordPress security becomes a bit of a nightmare to manage.

Due to the ongoing development of the platform globally and the ease of use for updating the platform WordPress has become a powerhouse of security for business websites. The only caveat to this is that the platform needs to be kept up to date at all times however the process for updating the platform is quite simple for developers.

This level of security provides peace of mind for our clients and causes less stress when it comes to ongoing support for ageing websites. We do still recommend all of our clients look at ongoing support and care plans to help manage the growing threat of online security.


I guess what it really boils down to is that WordPress as a platform helps us to develop amazing things for our clients. This means that our clients can trust in our business to provide quality websites that are secure and functional. If you have questions about WordPress as a platform or are simply looking to grow your presence online with the worlds most popular CMS we can provide advice, contact our team for more information.

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