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WordPress Care Plan Support For Your Business Website

Modern WordPress websites require ongoing support and care on a regular almost daily basis. As a business owner this is care is typically left up to you or a member of your team. Could you or your team better spend time elsewhere on important tasks such as growing the business.

Conceptual Creative offers a wide range of WordPress Care Plan packages that can alleviate the pressure from your team and give you as the business owner peace of mind. Starting from a low $88 per month our team will maintain and provide support for your WordPress business website. Our WordPress Care Plan packages are like an insurance policy for your website investment.

You buy insurance for other major business purchases, why not invest in protecting your website?

We are your WordPress Care Plan super hero’s

So what can our hero’s do for your website?

With our WordPress Care Plan packages we perform tasks regularly on your website on a  daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some of the tasks we perform as part of our care plans include:

  • Daily Website Backups
  • Update WordPress Platform
  • Update WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Check The Website For Security Issues
  • Monitor The Website Down Time
  • Much More…

On our larger plans we also offer design and development services allowing us to work on your website to provide content updates, work on pages and more. Some of the advanced features available include support for eCommerce, e Learning and membership sites as well as monthly guidance and strategy.

How can we help you today?

Don’t forget you can order your WordPress Care Plan directly in our shop.

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