WordPress design in East Brisbane

WordPress Websites Built To Perform

Your website should be the core of any online business strategy.

When you work with a professional web design team to build your website the sky is the limit for your business growth. The largest part of any website build is a functional online strategy that takes into account your business growth plans, your online marketing plan, your brand and your overall message.

8 Steps To Website Success For Your Project

Step 1 - Website Deep Dive

Before we get started we like to know our clients have really thought through their website plans. We offer our website deep-dive tool to help you to look deeply at your goals, your budget, your target market and your competitors.

Step 2 - Discovery Session

Armed with your deep dive questionnaire in hand, it is time for our first meeting with you to ask any questions we might have and answer any questions you might have. This meeting is all about seeing whether we are a good fit for your project and whether you feel we are the right partner for your online success.

Step 3 - Administration & Proposal

You have decided we are the right fit for your project and it is time we cover off a few little administrative tasks. This means it is time for you to sign off on our development plan and a few other basics. Once we are all signed off it's time to welcome you and your business into the Conceptual Creative family.

Step 4 - Design Concepts & Layout

It's time we start earning our keep by developing some initial design mockups for your project. Typically whilst we design your website we get you to work on some of your content ideas. Once we have completed the initial design concepts it's time to catch up again and go over the concepts along with providing guidance on your content.

Step 5 - Content Finalisation

At the last meeting, we discussed your design concepts and have made all the tweaks and changes you suggested. We also gave you feedback on the content gathered and helped you to identify any missing items. Now it is time for you to provide all of your website content ready for us to move into the website build stage. Don't worry if you are not great at content we can connect you with one of our content writers to help you create winning content.

Step 6 - Project Development Time

We have all of your content including written content, images, brand assets and media. Now it is time for our team to get to work creating your beautiful WordPress powered website. Whilst we perform this development phase of your project we will be giving you a bit of homework to do on planning your ongoing marketing. We will be connecting you with some of our business partners who will walk you through your options for SEO and Social Media.

Step 7 - Website Launch & Training

The time has come for all of your hard work to pay off with the launch of your new website project. With the launch we work through a process and checklist with you to make sure everything is ready to launch. This means setting up our highspeed hosting account for you if that's part of your package. We will also be providing you with some training materials and personalised one to one training on your basic website operations.

Step 8 - Ongoing Support Through Care Plans

Your website is live and your training is complete. We have connected you with our business partners and you are ready to roll with your SEO and social media strategies. A website is only as good as it is functional and that is why its now time to look at your ongoing website care options. We offer a range of WordPress care plans that can assist you with the ongoing support or we can provide you with a list of items that you will need to perform as regular maintenance to your website.

3 Reasons To Work With Conceptual Creative

Transparency: Our team will keep you informed throughout the entire process as to exactly where your project is up to. We won't tack on hidden charges and we won't hide behind technical jargon.

Fixed Pricing: When we set out to start a project we will provide you with a fixed price for that project. This means that you will know exactly what the cost of your project will be so that you can budget for its completion. Of course, this will also mean that any changes to your project from your end will be classed as a separate project.


Complete Satisfaction: We believe you should be happy with the end product that we provide. That is why we have taken the time to develop a system by which to develop your project allowing for quality checks and approvals throughout the process.