WordPress Explained.

In this article, I am going to help you to better understand what exactly WordPress is. At its base, WordPress is easy to use, a popular way to create websites and blogs. WordPress powers over 35% of websites on the internet. In simple terms that’s more than 1 in 4 websites that you visit are WordPress Based.

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS which means that it makes life easier when it comes to developing a website or adding content to an existing website. WordPress (self-hosted we will cover that in a bit) is a free platform that simply requires you to have your own website hosting account, a domain name and the will to learn how to build a website.

WordPress is extremely flexible and can build all sorts of websites (View last weeks articles on 10 website types you can build with WordPress) including the following website types:

  • Blog Website
  • Business Website
  • Online Shopping Site
  • Business Directory
  • Not For Profit Website
  • Online Community
  • Auction Website
  • Support Website
  • Podcasting Website
  • VLOG Website
  • Education Website
  • Membership Website 
  • Many More…

Two Different WordPress Types.

There are two key types of WordPress and are usually described in conversation as WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Whilst the experience and functionality of the two are very similar we have summarised the key points below.

WordPress.org is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress and is the completely free, open-source version of the CMS. You can install this version of WordPress on your own hosting environment and you own the website 100%. This version of WordPress typically provides the highest amount of flexibility for business owners. This version of WordPress is the one used by your website designer or developer.

WordPress.com is a fee for service version of WordPress that you pay an ongoing monthly subscription to use. It is just as simple to use as many of the other online website builders but does contain some limitations over the self-hosted option including a lack of flexibility. If your planning to build your own website with WordPress depending on your budget then this version may suit your needs better.

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Brief History.

WordPress started its life as an offshoot of another popular platform back in 2003. WordPress is an open-source platform meaning that it is under constant development by a dedicated community of contributors.

WordPress was originally developed as a platform for blogging and with 16 years of development has become a far more powerful and flexible platform. WordPress is constantly evolving and whilst it already powers the largest portion of the internet it continues to grow.

Who Uses WordPress.

Due to its popularity and flexibility, WordPress is used by many business owners, musicians and government agencies all over the world. Some WordPress based websites include:

  • whitehouse.gov the official website for the Whitehouse.
  • Microsoft uses the WordPress platform to power it’s official blog.
  • The Rolling Stones utilise WordPress for their website needs.
  • Katy Perry has chosen to power her website with WordPress.

And these are just a few WordPress powered websites.


WordPress is an extremely powerful website building tool that your business can utilise to develop an online presence. With an abundance of available extensions and themes, your WordPress powered business website is bound to help your business succeed. We believe WordPress is a great way to grow your business if you can master the platform. That is why we have put together a brief downloadable guide to help get you started on your WordPress journey.

WordPress Website Starter

Complete Starter Guide With Checklist and Much More

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