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Few things are more critical to the success of your website then making sure you have a robust website hosting solution. Imagine you have just invested several thousand dollars in a new WordPress website. You launch the new site, but after a few weeks, you notice it isn't generating the leads and revenue it should be. The most common reason for this type of issue is the use of slow or inadequate quality hosting services.

There are many types of hosting available in the marketplace ranging from a few dollars a year up to dedicated servers costing thousands of dollars a month. As you can imagine none of these hosting services is equal and finding the right solution can be painful — the hosting solutions offered as an additional service in support of our WordPress website design services.

We offer two leading solutions for WordPress website hosting services each selected to cater to different needs.

Our first offering is local shared hosting on our exclusive underpopulated hosting platform. This first offering is about providing affordable website hosting balanced between performance and value for money.

Our second offering and the one you should consider first and foremost is our WordPress optimised website hosting powered by WPengine. We have selected WPengine as our premium hosting partner due to high availability, high performance, and advanced feature set.


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Website Hosting Case Study

Website Hosting Case Study

We recently worked with a client who was having issues with slow load times on their website. This client had invested large amounts of money on their website and was also investing money into advertising leading to their website. Visitors to their website were not converting into sales, and it was due to excessively slow load times of over twenty seconds.

We investigated their website load times and realised the hosting solution used was inadequate shared hosting that was based overseas. The client had spoken to many other companies aiming to improve load times including their hosting company, and nothing fixed the problem. To prove a point we made a copy of the website and moved it to our local Brisbane based web hosting service. Just moving the site shaved over 8 seconds off the load time and with some further optimisation, we had load times down to approximately 6 seconds.

We showed the client the change in load times and recommended we look at moving their website to our high-performance WordPress optimised hosting powered by WPengine. We knew that by moving the site to this hosting account, we could squeeze even more performance from the website. The client agreed and with a few final tweaks to suit the new hosting, website load times reduced to just under 3 seconds. The total time saving of over seventeen seconds meaning that their clients could now access the website faster than ever.

If you're having issues with slow load times with your business website, we would love to discuss how we can assist you. Feel free to reach out to our team, and we can discuss all of the options that suit your website requirements.