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Why Do You Need A WordPress Care Service?

Modern WordPress websites are built using a modular system of framework, themes, and plugins. Most WordPress websites are built from between 5 and 20 modular parts from anywhere up to a dozen different programmers. As you can imagine thats a lot of variables that could become incompatible.

Another risk to modern websites appears in cyber attack and intrusions where your site is hacked into and used for any number of nefarious reasons. 

A care plan takes into account all of the things that could potentially go wrong with your website and works to mitigate that risk as much as possible. Whilst no care plan or risk mitigation is ever 100% foolproof, often a care plan also works to provide ongoing redundancy by way of backups.

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What Is A WordPress Care Plan?

A WordPress care plan is fee for service support plan for your WordPress website. It involves paying for skilled assistance with the management and protection of your website investment.

Most care plans come with a range of features which we outlined below. To name a few key items most care plans will include regular full website backups, various types of monitoring and ongoing updates and tech support.

WordPress Care Plans have the express aim of protecting your several hundred to several thousand dollar website investment. By mitigating risk and supporting your website professionally you will save money in the long run with less website rebuilds, less website failures and less business website downtime.

Most WordPress website owners do not realise that a WordPress website needs constant and regular maintenance. In the past this has led to website failures. Our care plans prevent failure to your website. Book a free discussion to see if we can help you with your website at the bottom of the page.

Care Plan Features

Below we have outlined some aspects of WordPress care plans. This is not an extensive list and our team will be happy to let you know more on a free call at the bottom of the page. Not all care plans include all features and for more information about specific care plan inclusions please reach out to our team by booking a no obligation 15 min call at the bottom of this page.

Full Website Backup

Regular backups of your entire website and database to provide a redundant copy of your site for restoration if needed.

Uptime Monitroing

We monitor your website for any irregular downtime and receive notifications that we can act upon if possible.

Monthly Reporting

Our team performs regular maintenance and updates on your site and then send you a written report via email.

Security Scans

Our team monitors your website for any ongoing security related issues and can provide assistance when needed.

Performance Scanning

Our team monitors your website performance regularly and lets you know if performance slips so adjustments can be made if needed.

Access Email Based Support

Send email based support tickets to our team for any critical support requests or assistance when needed.

Managed Website Updates

Our team checks your website and performs regular monthly maintenance on your site framework, plugins and themes.

Access Private Facebook Support

Access to our private facebook support group where you can discuss issues, get feedback and communicate with other business owners.

Development Time

Some plans include hands on development time each month that can be used to improve website features and functions.

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