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May 13 2020

We Are Still Open For Business!

We are still open for business and here is a short message from our team to you!
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Feb 26 2020

Simple Guide For WordPress Security in 2020

In other articles this month we have been discussing the theme of website and particularly WordPress security. In this final article for the month of February 2020 we are going to give you some simple step by step ways to better secure your WordPress website.
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Feb 19 2020

The Most Common Attacks On WordPress Websites

WordPress is a highly popular platform and with such a large market share it is a target for hackers. As with anything that is popular it becomes a target because there are so many opportunities in the marketplace.
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Feb 12 2020

Choosing A Good Quality Hosting Company

When it comes to security your website hosting plays a big part of the process. A good website host generally means great security, fast load times (Good For SEO), great service up time, and exceptional support systems in place. The biggest rule in choosing the right website host is to make sure you are not choosing the provider based purely on price.
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Feb 5 2020

Website Care & Maintenance – The Critical Basics

When it comes to operating any form of online presence security is always one of the biggest concerns. You should always try to take a best practice approach to website security in order to protect your website investment.
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Jan 29 2020

WordPress Explained.

In this article, I am going to help you to better understand what exactly WordPress is. At its base, WordPress is easy to use, a popular way to create websites and blogs.
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