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We can work with you to build a spectacular website or you may already have your own amazing website. But, if your website is powered by WordPress then you need to make sure that you have the best possible website hosting available.

That is why we have partnered with one of the leading WordPress web hosting companies in the world with WP Engine. On top of this we have secured you a great deal if you use our link below. At the moment if you use our link you can get up to 3 months free on an annual WordPress hosting plan.

We trust WP Engine to deliver powerful optimised WordPress web hosting so much that we host our own website on this fantastic platform. If you have questions about this fantastic hosting optimised to power your WordPress website please reach out.

Why Specialised Hosting?

Whilst it is true that you can host your website on any hosting provider it is equally true that in the hosting space you get what you pay for. In our years of experience we have watched as spectacular websites fail due to utilising poor quality cheap website hosting.

You can buy hosting for your website from as low as a few dollars a month however, often for the server infrastructure to be cost effective at that price point a company will cram hundreds if not thousands of websites onto that same infrastructure. This means that your website is sharing resources, slowing down load times and generally performing poorly.

When it comes to choosing hosting there are a lot of options. You really need to ask yourself the question whether cheap hosting is the right solution for the website you have just invested thousands of hard earned dollars into.

What About My Email?

Wp Engine is all about providing the best solution for hosting a WordPress website, this means that they have invested in the infrastructure to effectively host WordPress websites. If you are looking to be completely professional with high quality website hosting then you should also be giving your email the best platform possible.

We can help you to get professional enterprise grade email solutions through both Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) or through Microsoft 365. From a small subscription fee per email per month you can gain access to some fantastic high end email solutions and other tools to help you operate your business.

Email is an everyday part of your business and whilst some hosting comes with email access we really recommend taking your email to the next level. Professional hosting solutions will give you better security and reliability than any server based POP or IMAP solution.

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