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Conceptual Creative – Work With Us

We love to get know all of our clients and potential clients personally. This helps us to better understand your goals, achievements and aspirations for your business. It also helps our team to better understand what drives you for success.

We typically follow a process to get your project started including getting you to create a project brief as your first point of call. Once we have your project brief a member of our team will analyse your requirements and be in touch to organise a face to face meeting in person (Brisbane, Australia) or via video conference.

Once this meeting is wrapped up and we have both asked and answered some questions we will create your project proposal and send it to you for approval. Typically this part of the process takes from 7-14 days from when you submit your brief to having your proposal (Majority of this time is taken finding appropriate times to meet).

Ways to work with us

We offer several different ways to work with us on your projects including:

Prepaid Time – For those wanting to budget on the amount spent at any time. You simply purchase prepaid hours and we will let you know when your running low so that you can purchase more.

Per Project Payment – We will provide an estimate for the total cost of your project. You will pay an initial deposit amount then make payments at pre-determined milestone events. Please note that this payment method is mostly used with website projects. Graphic design projects are billed 100% prior to delivery. Printing projects are billed 100% prior to print.

Subscription Based – We offer our website as a service, graphic design, web hosting, and care plans on subscription. Whether you choose weekly, monthly or annual subscription is up to you. Please note not all items offer all 3 billing options. 

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Book an appointment with us

At the moment we hold the majority of our appointments on Zoom video conference. If you wish to book a face to face appointment please give us a call during business hours on our mobile phones or leave a message on our 1800 number and we will call you back.

Leave a message: 1800 776 463

Website & Online Services: 0437 633 321 (Martin)

Graphic Design, Branding & Print: 0403 364 075 (Tabitha)

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